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Re: Avoid Boundless!

i finally bought the crafty and it has been very great so far. my friend got the linx gaia and it just died the first day. is there a problem with this brand? it just never charged again after the first use.

Avoid Boundless!

Hi all, just wanted to say you should avoid Boundless vapes, they are dangerous to health, they have big issues with off gassing ( I had a Boundless CF for one year then it started off gassing. It tasted burnt plastic and it was giving me bad headaches. I...

Foreign weed

Any mom carrying Weed that has Grown elsewhere than in Canada? Anyone have Jamaïcain? Or Colombian? I mean real landrace strains, not Colombian gold Grown in BC.

Re: Thoughts/opinions on timeframe for bud to go mouldy/rot

I'm not smoking this of course, but I smoked some, maybe 3-4 times before realizing it...Instantly I had a runny nose and headaches...This is the first time I have a mold problem, but I fear that in the past, I may have had mold and didnt notice, cause I remember getting batches that made my nose ru...

Re: Thoughts/opinions on timeframe for bud to go mouldy/rot

I recently realized that my two ounces recently purchased were moldy. They all had greyish white webbing inside near the stems. Also, it smells really gross. I contacted customer support and was told it cannot be mold since it was grown outside (???) . After sending a picture of some moldy buds, I w...

Re: Problem with Kootenay Craft

Wow I just received a tracking number, I can't believe what is happening right now, I didnt know there was still some good people out there. This may be the greatest customer service experience I just had in my entire life. Thank you!!! I think Kootenay might have lost a client here!

Problem with Kootenay Craft

I recently ordered from KootenayCraft, it was my first time ordering with them. I received what I ordered except for the 14g of Jack Herer, I had a note which said they had run out of jack so they upgraded me for free to the super lemon haze. The problem is that I ordered 14g of Jack Herer and I got...

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