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Just got me an ardent nova lift decarboxylater and a Magical butter Machine.

I am not affiliated in any way to either of these companies. I plan on making gummies, infused oils, topicals, foods and all kinds of other stuff. So far I have decarbed 38 grams of weed and infused that into 500 ml of Olive oil. I have also decarbed a 1/2 oz into 1 p...

Re: MCT Canna Oil caps

I was wondering what have you figured out since this post was made? Your successes and failures might help some of us interested in doing something similar.

I am interested in making infused oils for ingestion, some do's and dont's would be helpful for us.

Re: Decarbed Keif

You can look into an Ardent nova lift decarboxylater they are supposed to have a low odor while decarbbing. I have been looking into them, as soon as I can afford it I am getting one. They are supposed to give consistently good results repeatedly.

Re: Perfect Dab Tools

I have dab tools I paid 20 plus dollars for and they were all crap. I have been using the free tool truck screwdrivers and have never looked back. I know other guys that use these for dabbing and they think they are really good too. You guys could put you KT logo on these and either sell or give the...

Re: Why do you use cannabis ?

I would be a liar if I didn't say I enjoy being medicated. Weed helps me cope with severe depression and the stresses of daily life. 38 years since my first toke. Ever since then I have been smoking mostly on with a couple of years I didn't smoke and it seems like the times I didn't smoke life happe...

Re: Longevity of Boveda packs

Just be careful, I don't think over-saturating them like that is a good idea. Bovedas are two way humidity control, they'll release humidity when it's dry and they'll soak up humidity when it's too wet. If you ever put weed that is a bit too humid with one of those overloaded bovedas, it won't be a...

Re: Longevity of Boveda packs

When recharging them do not let them come into direct contact with water it makes the paper funny also I have used only tap water and have had good results. I made an accidental discovery recently that goes against what I experienced with water coming into contact with the boveda pack. I was trying...

This is my grinder. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My grinder is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my grinder is useless. Without my grinder, I am useless. I must fire my joints true. I must grind more herb than my stoner buddy who is trying to out grind me. I must out grind him before he out grind...

A Quarter Pound of Joints

just in case you wondered what a QP of joints looked like here it is. It took me a couple rolling sessions to do but I did it. This is actually 4.6 ounces 138 joints or .935 grams per joint avg

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