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I just got my ordered from a MOM I'm trying out and they didn't ship with Xpresspost, I find that not right. Shouldn't all MOM be shipping with Xpresspost for faster service?

Re: read the fine print on your moms website..they dont all cover you when CP fucks up..I have a open and shut case

I hope your situation will have a better ending than what it is currently but this sucks for sure. I know this seems like an obvious thing to say now but make sure you ask for signature required next time. Or maybe e-mail the mom to make sure before ordering. As far as replacement plans or somethin...

Re: 15% off ! At for new customers

I love Mygreensolution! Just started using mail order and so far it’s going great. I used up my 15% first time buyer code already. I bought lots from them during the Canada Day promo week they were having too. Can’t wait for the next promo :) Man... looking at your post history, it don't look good....

Re: A and AA weed any good?

With the prices offered by a lot of these moms I find you don’t need to be smoking subpar product when there’s stuff available at around 100 an oz that’s actually really nice smoke. Just my two cents. Yeah Master Kush at 99$ from planetpot is AAA and kick ass Really? I’m gonna check them out. Thank...

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