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The Wellness Temple

MOM Name The wellness temple Overall rating out of 10: 7/10 Sign Up: Typical government id setuo Ordering & Pricing: Pricing is good, fair prices on everything. Ordering process is easy. Communication: Excellent 10/10 their customer service and communication is almost instant. Debra is really good....

Subscription Boxes

My wife gets all these subscription boxes in the mail (ipsy, etc) where you pay x amount of dollars per month and receive x amount of goodies in the mail once a month. It got me thinking, are any cannabis companies that offer such things? Its a novel idea (i think) to have someone pay say $50 per mo...

Re: Anyone Use Volcano's?

Volcanoes are the shit! Love. Them. I don't own one myself but have had the pleasure of using several over the years. The best part is if you want to have a large group session, you can custom cut a bag as long as you want. At a party one time my friend made a 6 foot bag, and we passed that around. ...

Which Moms for edibles?

Which Moms have you guys used for edibles? I have used Cannabismo, Sask Compassion, and Budderweeds but always on a lookout for a good deal or promo. I always liked the Meddi Teddys from Cannabismo, 100mg for $10. Whats your go-to, bang for your buck Mom?

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