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Re: Wedding Cake x Gelato 33, MAC #5 - Moonshine Cannabis Gardens; Sky High Exotics - March 2019

Nice review. I agree, the WC x gelato is a true quad. It’s my favourite out of the four I got.

I’m sure the MAC will get better with a boveda. Give it a few days. I generally don’t jump to conclusions until after a full week with proper humidity control.

Re: Meat Breath 29- CE- March 2019

Sorry man, still isn't working for me. I'll go look and see if you posted on your IG Also, looking forward to your thoughts on the new SHE grower (I forget the name, but was just looking at it at the site + saw that you grabbed a split oz). Moonshine gardens! If you check out their Instagram, their...

Re: High THC

Henderjo wrote:
Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:58 am
I made two orders with high THC and was happy with both orders but understand why they were blacklisted....but I would not have any fear ordering from them
Hey.. pufflevel is doing mail orders again. I saw it on his story.

Re: High THC

Did you see their post on mompics? Beware shills. This place is an obvious rebrand of GreenSociety, the user who posted it on mompics seems to have shilled for GS in the past, see for yourself. Every product that HighTHC has, GreenSociety also has. Look at the FAQ pages, everything is exactly the s...

Re: High THC

What/how do you classify as a shill?

I have a hard to weeding out the shills from the customers that are just real happy with their weed.

Re: Best overall indica?

All these sound so good they are, stock up on these! What is your most trusted site? Still trying to “weed” out the bad ones, haha Are you looking for bargain or the best weed available? I could recommend some places.. Skyhighexotics, jjmeds, hillside pharms are all great options. And they carry di...

Re: CE Cannabis Extractions

Nice! I got MAC 3&7 both are excellent. Enjoy! have you tried their shatter? its hard to find reviews on CE. I have. I’m not a huge concentrate guy but I enjoyed it. I’d avoid their trim run shattter as I’ve seen real bad reviews. I tried their LA confidential and tora bora shatter and they were bo...

Re: MOM's - getting what you ordered?

I feel more comfortable purchasing from known craft growers. I get to follow some grows.. so ya.. I’m confident with some orders. But when I was ordering from generic moms i was definitely suspicious of what I was getting. Especially when it came to CBD strains. There are no lab tests from 99% of MO...

Meat Breath 29- CE- March 2019 EDIT: hopefully one of the links work below if you can’t see the vids. Yes, most of the nugs are on the small side. But I did receive a few medium size nugs that I’ve already smoked. Great stuff. True quad.

Re: The search for the best GTA based Instagram connect

Honestly, I could care less. I just posted this for your guys benefit. When I order from IG, I full well understand that there’s a risk and these aren’t trusted vendors. Hence the tiny order. I’m out $55. Big whoop. I’m currently looking into Interac fraud. Maybe I’ll make a claim and see about gett...

Re: The search for the best GTA based Instagram connect

So I sent doctor quad a message again today after he told me last week “I’m not sending any packages out this week, I need a part. I’ll send it out next week” It’s now Wednesday, mid-week... I think it’s just best if I show you my msg. Keep in mind this is now 20-21days after he told me he would sen...

Re: HighTHC

We're aware of these claims but it does seem unlikely that they weren't aware of the original source of the emails. I’m sure they’re trying to playing dumb. It’s like you said, it’s unlikely they didn’t know what was going on.. I personally won’t be buying from them, regardless if they’re placed ba...

Re: The search for the best GTA based Instagram connect

In case anyone wants to check out pufflevel.. I got some Headiconnoiseur flower yesterday. Sherbet breath pheno5 Gas mask I’m a little disappointed with the gas mask. Muted nose and flavour... this strain should be stinky as hell. Hopef...

Re: Weird happenings

That raisin story is crazy! Odds must be so so low Each time I tell that one, I think to myself everyone must think I'm full of shit, lol. Fucking wild, I should have got a lottery ticket that day instead of going fishing :D Was the raisin actually pushed onto the hook? I go fishing every week in t...

Re: CANseries - The Green Ace - RaptorFan93

The Green Ace wrote:
Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:45 pm
colin0112 wrote:
Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:43 am
Cannabal wrote:
Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:55 am
Pictures arent the greatest unfortunately can hardly see the quality.
You can check out our website. We have 3D View Of All Our Flowers =)
Did you start selling in cans? Or did he just use a can for pics

Re: Weed that gives headache

Never had weed give me headaches so it seems like something specific with you, perhaps some kind of allergy. I find that smoking the weed through a joint doesn't give me a headache but it also doesn't get me high even after about a 2g joint so it's a complete waste of time haha I’m not trying to be...

Re: Getting carried away?

CE does have good weed though.. their Mac phenos are dropping again.. I don’t think you’d be disappointed. I have #7 (which wasn’t there best pheno) and it’s a solid AAAA- and well worth $70 a q imo. More like $260ish.... people seem very happy to pay those premium prices. Personally, I don’t mind ...

Re: Getting carried away?

CE is a good example of 300$+ weed that I felt was nothing special. Kept hearing praise for months and finally caved for some. Sure it's good weed, but I had plenty of 200-240$ stuff that walked all over it. I agree that paying $300/oz for CEs stuff is too much. But I feel anything that high is ove...

Re: Weed that gives headache

Try sticking with organics. I suffer from headaches as well... some products will give me headaches. Usually it’s concentrates and not flower, but I have had flower give me a headache. Ever since I switched to purchasing premium craft weed, it pretty much stopped happening. I also have never gotten ...

Re: Getting carried away?

Man that’s so funny, I was thinking the same thing. I’m definitely realizing that there is always good weed to be found. There’s really no need to buy into “this is the best batch” marketing. I did for awhile, but if I’m going to be honest, I’ve noticed that most moms literally tell me that every tw...

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