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Re: Can

Erbaorganics on IG, their stuff looks pretty good

Re: What is the Cheapest MOM for Lb's of herb & cheapest ounces of shatter

sk300 wrote:
Fri Jan 18, 2019 11:48 pm
Bassdrop30 wrote:
Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:59 pm
Try OKG, especially for the shatter. They havea few strains at 250 a zip at the moment, apparently it's very smokeable
250??? what is okg can u get me the link for that site asap??? omgggg if this legit ill go crazy
OKG5.0 on insta

Re: Distillate or Flyte

The US border wont be looking at etransfers to illegal moms, they have access to your cc statement, which they are checking for purchases of legal weed. No need to worry, and if a mom requires ID, just black out any info they dont need, in general anything other than name and age is not necessary. A...

Re: Bulk weed in box

I just received my mix and match HP order. Ordered Tuesday. Havent tried anything out as of yet, but my first order was on point, just thought I would share the fact they prepped and sent the order very quickly.

Re: Bulk weed in box

Tried their sample pack about a month ago. It is good quality flower, very good nose and clean burn, nice buzz. I would rate it AAA easily. Only problem is that they took 5 business days to actually ship it out, but they sent it via Fedex free of charge during the strike.

Farmhard / AK-47 / Texada Timewarp

MOM Name Farmhard Overall rating out of 10: 9 Sign Up: None, orders are done by email Ordering & Pricing: Email orders, menu is simple, prices competitive. What I love is that all of their sizing is mix and match. Communication: ordered on a Saturday night, email was answered within less than an ho...

Re: Budcheap

I wrote to them 2 days ago, and got the same answer. Wouldnt be surprised if it came in another week or 2

Re: GetKush, Bruce Banner #3

That Bruce Banner nug looks frosty, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Currently a bit of a Black Friday sale with 14g of Pink Diesel instead. I got a free 14 of OG Kush with my order, was kinda dry, but threw a Boveda in my jar and it came out nice. Probably an A-AA flower, but nice for a free 14. ...

GetKush, Bruce Banner #3

MOM: GetKush Overall rating out of 10: 9 Sign Up: Same as anywhere else Ordering & Pricing: Standard pricing for AAA-AAAA, however deep discounts for volume orders. Personally got 35% for having 4 ounces in my order, plus a 10% code for first order Communication: Did not need to contact them, but pl...

Re: Which MoM sell the best $100 ounce?

Evergreen Medicinal always has a few choices around the 100-110 range, and the quality of flower is amazing 👌 Never tried these guys, I will have to check them out! Have you had any customer service experience with them? Yes, and it is bar none the best encounter I've ever had with customer service...

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