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Re: Longevity of Boveda packs

boveda packs are like opposite of men. If you notice when you first get a boveda pack, they feel like nice soft boob implants.. after a while they get hard.
When guys get hard= they good to go
When a boveda gets hard= Its time to go

New "it" strain

Been hearing theres a strain circulating around that everyone wants but cant get. Anyone heard or tried the strain "Gelato 33?" Suppose to be super crazy and expensive, I know some dispensary owners are just keeping what they can get for their own personal use.

Re: Which Moms for edibles?

tried your twisted extracts ganjawest, you can expect another order from me very soon. I felt so warm and cozy in my bed after I ate just half a gummie. Wanted to try your kiwi flav but you guys are out of stock, please restock soon

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