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Re: GhostDrops Review - TRACKER420

i love seeing whats smells and tastes different people get to the same weed. I personally got a strong orange/mandarin smell/taste from the MC and not so much the cookies taste. Yes, different for ever person, Your weed is hard to grade till couple weeks have gone by.. Hard to grade until weeks hav...

Re: Who Next?

listen to aim, hes probably tried them all LOL Haha, every one of em except GetKush. Gotta get around to that one eventually. GetKush is actually very good IF you stick to their AAAA. I just had some of the KL13 and Sundae Driver, LOVED em. Best weed I've had of 2018 was the Pink Rhino they had. So...

Re: SupremeCollective Flower Review Mar 2019

AimOrDie wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 3:18 pm
JD17 wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:47 pm
AimOrDie wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:20 pm

Their site is ""
No, it is not. It is
Yeah my bad. Typed that in a hurry as I was running out the door. About to edit thanks for the correction.
No worries at all!

Re: Moms that cover %100 of your purchase if lost or seized

There are some areas that are effected badly from theft in the postal service. Over the past 20 years of dealing with Canada Post we have seen specific areas that packages simply never get delivered. I have had some people I know who work for Canada Post even say that theft in these locations is hi...

Re: HighTHC

This is a common tactic used for a lot of businesses. To outsource emails to obtain a customer base that they otherwise do not have. It may not be a proper way to do things, especially in this 'game' where personal info and trust is the number one priority. I have accepted a sample package from them...

Re: Is lavaflowers legit?

There is more then one person working at lavaflowers , as I generally do not like to respond on here and other forums as there is as much drama as when I was in high school, that being said I am not the one posting previously . I started both (yes I understand that it is no longer ru...

The Foggy Forest Review

**Mom/Retailer Name:** The Foggy Forest **Communication and packaging:** These guys do not have a heavy presence on reddit and wanted to begin..They are an e juice, concentrate provider who will help set you up from beginning to finish. The package was recieved within 2 days in a discrete mailer, wi...

420Vapenation Review

**Mom/Retailer Name: ** **420VapeNation (Wordpress)** **Communication and packaging:** Helpful, personable and wanting to get their name displayed on a different platform, these guys would like to be welcomed to Reddit and the MoM community. The package was arranged and shipped the same day, and it ...

Re: Business Partners Wanted - MOM startup

BennyFromTheBronx wrote:
Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:31 am
Coreyg wrote:
Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:18 pm
From the sounds of your posts you are in Europe?
I think this is a bit fishy ya'll

I mean... you're right -- I am Scottish.. and I do like Salmon.
I found the Loch Ness Monster guys! He asked me for about tree fiddy.
(Jokes aside I have emailed you for information.)

Re: Just a Reddit Rant

At this point after even typing out a message to reply this non sense, I'm at the point where I think we should end this discussion as attacks are happening in each post now. We obviously all care the same based on the emotions displayed in this thread. Why dint we agree to lock it, and make another...

Re: Just a Reddit Rant

Yeah check the hate I'm getting right now (u/thenickelguy). They are absolutely terrible Idk if you're referring to a specific incident, but honestly I've skipped most of your reviews because you are usually ridiculously positive and just not very believable. I don't believe in downvoting unless po...

Re: Just a Reddit Rant

Reddit is an angry mob basically. As a business the best you can do is survey and do minimal damage control, but it's definitely not a place where you want to try and advertise or promote, you'll get eaten alive. A small intervention here and there just to set the record straight (don't get into ar...

Re: Flawless

That is poop. Like literally.
Try spreading it out and adding in another photo for us as well so we have a judge of color in both 'forms'. This is why Sweetleaf has been skyrocketing in popularity - flawless does not care anymore.

Re: Just a Reddit Rant

It is consumed by HSP and JJmed supporters, as well as Instagram MoMs. After the last 3 months and COUNTLESS reviews I have witnessed this 'growth' first hand, and it is to the point that I am almost going to refrain from posting on reddit (my main platform to do so) and to go back to posting solely...

Re: Island Herb Review

R.R.Toking wrote:
Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:54 pm
Signed up and ordered in just over an hour, pretty easy. Probably should have waited till tomorrow to order as it will probably end up sitting all weekend but on the off chance that it comes by Friday I made the order anyway.
What did ya order?!

Re: Island Herb Review

Please add some pictures my friend :) I thought it was not required in the general forum (as my imgur never works). I will attempt it here though. Please let me know What kind of link are you trying to use? I have no problem using a Linked BB. Thank you guys for trying to help, I've done it in an a...

Island Herb Review

**Mom/Retailer Name:** IslandHerb *Communication and packaging:** Communication with Anna was an experience in it's on. Located on beautiful Salt Spring Island, they resource all of their cannabis from farms located on the Gulf Islands, we chatted a bit about this due to ...

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