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Re: Best Bulk Prices?

OKG is Okanagan Green right? Heard of them many times, never found any website. Where exactly do I find those guys? Yup, okg5.0 on instagram. I dont know how you much you are looking for, if you want smaller quantities go with cannabud_supply. I am still so happy with the Nuken and Orange cookies o...

Re: SpeedGreens selling Customer Info?

I forgot to add that while I didn't get the email, I did get a chat from them on reddit. They seem pretty active trying to promote any way they can. Just referred them to here and the MOM list but that was before those emails were sent. Very interesting, seems that there is no single culprit other ...

SpeedGreens selling Customer Info?

DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be a witch hunt or anything like that whatsoever, just looking for answers as I don't think Speedgreens is active on reddit. This is a thread discussing the events that have transp...

Cactus Breath From Kootenay Craft

MOM Name: Kootenay Craft Overall rating out of 10: 9/10 Sign Up: 8/10. Typical sign up requiring ID, don't be fooled by the request for a medical license it's not necessary. Ordering & Pricing: 10/10 They seem to cover all spectrums from topshelf to affordable mids, being that the Cactus Breath is ...

Re: Credit Card Processing?

At first the whole idea of e-transfers seems like a hassle, but once you get into MOMs it's really effortless and not that big of a deal. I think this would appeal to newer and first time customers, as it is akin to their usual online purchases, thus making it less "sketchy". But atleast for myself,...

Re: Black Friday Deals

mistern8d wrote:
Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:26 am
Sorry if there is a thread I haven't come across yet, but any good Black Friday Deals?
What have you guys purchased already or planning to??
JJmeds site says their sale will start on friday the 23rd, unsure of exactly how big of a sale though.

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