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Re: God's Green Crack (AAAAA)

Now I know why xsinx is not that easy to give out too many As anymore in his reviews. lol, it's not really about that, I try to keep it real and have the notes I give to all my review realistic and consistent. I've been smoking weed daily for 30 years now with very few beaks so I've had the whole g...

Re: The Green Ace

lmrpm wrote:
Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:58 am
Their payment processing is FINTRAC.
I have been ordering from GA few times. They're good and I just ordered their 120/oz last night. If you dont like the new payment method you can pay etransfer with their old email, just ask Ian.


Damn nice list! Just be aware the same strain from two MOMs or even from different batches of the same can vary wildly. The pheno, grow quality, drying and curing process, preservation are only a short list of factors that can make or break a strain. Totally agree! It all depends on growers and eac...


King Tuts wrote:
Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:51 pm
We had a beautiful review on it a while back. That reviewer took such a nice pic for us and gave a great review. Just wanted to share it.

Stripper Spit, in all her glory:
I know what you are thinking... it wasn't xsinx.
Them chicks are looking HOT!

Re: green society - buyer beware!

thank you! i appreciate the support. at this point, i don't care what happens. the discount was good, so being shorted is simply like not getting a discount. it's also lame to be disbelieved, but whatever. at least buyers from green society can be aware to double-check their bags before opening! th...

Re: The green ace.

All my orders are over weight. Really like the pineapple express and black diamond. Will be hitting the Tom Ford tomorrow. My partner likes Lemon Sour Diesel lots. GA also threw in a cpl of samples of the Pink Star and Romulan and both are over 1g.

Re: The green ace.

He told me usually they do not ship Friday orders out next day because they would just sit at CP for the weekend so shipping on Monday will help keep the flowers stay fresh. But not sure why your Thursday's did not get ship next day ..perhaps it is a bit busy at his shop during this season. Mine got...

Re: The Green Ace, Space Race - Redefining Quads - A 12 Strain Review! (Part I)

Wow what a great review!!! I am looking for a MOM to get myself and my partner some good buds for the holiday. What would you recommend? Although it seems like these guys know what they're doing in term of selecting their products but I cannot afford to buy all of the above. LOL. Thanks in advance!

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