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Beware Greengod

This place will rip you for sure. First order not that great but ive try another time to see, so i just buy a qp of suppose superlemonskunk. I receive 4 ounce of trim and shake and it was for sure not the strain i buy. I wrote to them and no responce or excuse , no respect for their clients. I advis...

Re: Best place to buy hash

Merci de votre réponse messieur, et compatriote québecois. J'ai essayer déja vos suggestion malheureusement pour un acat un peu plus gros il ne peuvent pas me servir a un prix convenable. J'avais trouver depuis les 3 derniere annees une place au bc formidable un hash de bonne qualité a un excellent ...

Best place to buy hash

Hello all of you, first off sorry for my poor english skill, i usually speak french.

I would like to ask where to find great hash for a great price .

Minimum ounce or qp or more every order.

Hope to have some good suggestion, have a nice day all


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