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Re: OG Extracts (Old Growth Extracts)

I've heard of them ,and they are up there on par ,with Kind extracts, and such.Most of us here are more budget types that want cheap prices.I like to treat myself now and then and get some higher grade stuff, but it rarely happens. I hear ya man. The line between fiscally responsible and quality is...

Re: Best overall indica?

I would agree with the Pink Kush statements. Have not tried any recently and from any MOM's, but remember trying this a few years back from a friend and it's always held it's spot as one of better strains I've tried. Also used to be able to get Pineapple Kush and really liked that strain. Both of th...

CWF - Glookies & Vanilla Gorilla

Hey folks, anyone try the CWF Glookies? Sounds like something right up my ally and I've had good success with this MOM and Coastal Craft Collective. So I was going to go for that and their Gorilla Vanilla, Peyote Cookies or Cornbread Kush. Just looking to see if anyone has feedback? Cheers. Ypsi.

Re: Saionara Top Air Flow Atomizer Pro w/eLeaf iStick Pico 75w

I have to admit, it’s a lot more complicated than I thought!! I’ve only tried the Titanium bucket, still playing around with the settings but I think I’m getting it! I haven’t upgraded the firmware, do you suggest it? [/quote] Definitely recommend the articfox firmware. Then you can download settin...

Re: Saionara Top Air Flow Atomizer Pro w/eLeaf iStick Pico 75w

Got one on the way this week because of your post!! Thanks Good to hear man, you will have to let us know how it works for you! Super easy to clean too which is nice. Currently using the triple titanium quartz coil and using the settings from the Saionara reddit group for the Artic Fox firmware. Ch...

Re: The Green Ace - THC Diamonds

Hi, It is in-house. We work closely with another MOM. Everything is lab tested so our diamonds quality will be the same always =) Thanks for letting me know, will have to be putting on another order soon, starting to run out of the first batch I ordered, which were great BTW! Only suggestion which ...

Re: The search for the best GTA based Instagram connect

Since they were mentionned before, Pufflevel started doing shipping again. I know most of you are from the gta anyway but just thought I would drop that here in case anyone was curious. Once again, I've used Puff Level once and it was an easy process and was very happy with the product. Wouldn't de...

Re: The search for the best GTA based Instagram connect

To ypsi, I noticed an Instagram/cannamarket guy called medically_recreational does kW deliveries. No idea how good their stuff is but menu has some good strains 3x crazy $70/q Forbidden fruit $70/q High octane $70/q Purple drank breath$70/q Wedding crashers $70/q Papaya punch $70/q Banana breath $7...

OG Extracts (Old Growth Extracts)

Hey folks, haven't seen any discussion on here about OG Extracts. Just wondering if anyone else has heard of these guys or tried their product? They approached me on Instagram as I have a pretty good following on there for music and ended up getting a few different selections of their concentrates w...

The Green Ace - THC Diamonds

Hello, this message is directed to the fine folks at The Green Ace. I ordered some of their Diamonds a while back and was pretty impressed (will probably end up picking some more up soon), but I was wondering if they make the diamonds in house or who do they get their diamonds from? Doesn't really m...

Re: First Time Growers

Keyll wrote:
Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:04 am
You'll have to send us weed to make sure it's okay though. XD
I see what you did there ;) An opportunist, nothing wrong with that - LOL! Although, given my lack of experience growing, you may want to steer clear of my first few harvests!!


Re: First Time Growers wrote:
Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:11 am
You should get a book called the grow bible by Jorge Cervantes.
Is this where the famed Jorge's Diamonds come from? Thanks for the recommendation. If I attempt to grow some this year, I'll definitely share some pics.



Re: Kootenay Craft

Thanks all, some good info and discussion - appreciate the insight! Any long time smokers want to PM me with some of their favourite heavy hitters, feel free.



Re: Kootenay Craft

Appreciate the insight guys, and you're right - this is a pretty personal hobby and the reviews, along with all the other hype, needs to be taken as just that. I think getting different opinions from different places helps to cut through some of the fluff so you can make a personal, informed decisio...

Re: First Time Growers

AimOrDie wrote:
Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:55 pm

There is a section of the forum dedicated to growing, and if I recall correctly there was a forum member called "FredThePlumber" who was offering free one-on-one grow advice/lessons. Sounds like you should check it out and send him a message.
Thanks man, appreciate it!


Kootenay Craft

Hi all, I'm not going to post a review, but wanted to put this out there to the community as I've been thinking about this for a while now and have been torn over whether to post this as I know I'm new and don't really have any credibility at all. As I'm sure some of you have seen, I received an ord...

First Time Growers

Hey all,

not sure if this subject is frowned upon, but I'm thinking of trying to grow my own plants this summer in the backyard. Just wondering if anyone has any good resources for someone just starting out and looking to grow 4 personal plants?

Cheers as always guys


Re: CWF - Peyote Cookies

R.R.Toking wrote:
Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:47 pm
I loved my last order of peyote cookies, I found it to be a very clean uplifting high. The flavour and smooth smoke are very enjoyable. I have another can coming this week as well as the bubble gum.
Thanks for the reply man, appreciate it!


CWF - Peyote Cookies

Hey folks, just a quick question for those who have tried the recent run of Peyote Cookies that CWF currently have - what's your take on the strain? It was recommended to me from the CWF folks last time I messaged them, but ended up going with their White Montage instead. I like my flower to give me...

Re: Kootenay early March

Hey, I would agree with your post, I just received an order with 7 different strains from Kootenay. Cactus Breath really is something else, both to look at and smoking, just not sure it is worth the extra. PG-13 was a strain I was pretty stoked to try as G-13 was one of the first quads I smoked way ...

Re: Vaping Sticky Concentrates

I just use my Dab tool for everything i just kinda rub it on the inner wall of the sai and scrape it off. and ill use the spoon for powdery stuff. shouldn't be that hard. what kinda vape are you using? I'm using a Saionara TAL as well. I find that stuff doesn't melt/burn/vape when it's on the 'wall...

Kootenay Craft Living Soil Flowers

Hello, just wondering if any of you fine folks have tried any of the Kootenay Craft Living Soil flowers? I have a couple coming (Original Glue & God's Bubba) and was curious if anyone else has tried the living soil stuff and what they think of it. Excited to get my order from these guys, hoping the ...

Vaping Sticky Concentrates

Hey all, so I've jumped down the rabbit hole of concentrates and have been liking what I've been tasting so far. One thing that I'm having a hard time with is the concentrates that are thick and oily (Rosin, HCFSE Terp Diamonds, HTFSE caviar, etc). How in the holy hell do you get this crap in your v...

Re: Saionara Top Air Flow Atomizer Pro w/eLeaf iStick Pico 75w

Reporting back in that I love this thing. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to get big rips off of it as well. Been trying shatter, diamonds and rosin - tasty stuff! Have a nice order coming from OG Extracts that will add some new concentrates to the experience. I would definitely recommend this vape...

Re: The search for the best GTA based Instagram connect

Hey man - apparently he does. I reached out and asked him and he said yes. I ordered from Pufflevel and that was no problem at all, would be great if I could get the same menu from Dank Dylan for cheaper and shipped - that would be perfect. Any other folks carry the Headi-Connoisseur stuff or folks ...

Re: The search for the best GTA based Instagram connect

Just an update from my side as well. Had good dealings with Official Puff Level and order some Wedding Cake & Gas Mask - great communication and easy ordering process. Products were shipped to me quickly and arrived no problem. Also been speaking with Dank Dylan but have yet to buy from him (want to...

Saionara Top Air Flow Atomizer Pro w/eLeaf iStick Pico 75w

Hey all, just wanted to drop a quick message to see if anyone has or is currently using the above atomizer and mod combo? I've been smoking flower for over 20yrs, haven't been a huge concentrate guy, but wanted to try to move a bit more in that direction (been liking the diamonds I've been trying). ...

Re: Alien OG x Skywalker AAA Hybrid Indica Review [The High Club]

Hey all, my first post. Been smoking for over 20yrs and was excited to try some of these MOM's based on reviews I've seen here. This strain got my attention so I decided to jump in and give it try. Unfortunately I was not very impressed. The buds looked great, but they have a terrible smell and tast...

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