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Re: reliability

I used to buy vape710's all the time. but I have found several have a slipping chimney issue that causes leaking, or oils that sit in them for longer periods also caused clogging/leaking. they were my favorite cart for a while and i think i list them in my guide as #1 for me. not so much anymore.. ...

Re: reliability

I still have not heard anything from them despite many emails. I highly suggest staying away from them as I am now 80$ short with nothing in return.

I will certainly update this post when/if they contact me, but meanwhile, feels like I've been ripped off and they don't care... reliability

Hey everyone, I was wondering if any of you dealt in the past with I have ordered from them and all went well with the order process until it was "delivered". Guess what? They delivered to the wront place and I can't have an answer from them! Did any of you guys have an history ...

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