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Re: The Green Ace - White Death Diamonds/Shatter + 7 Flower Strains

Great pictures, makes me want to try some of those strains. Just didn't have a great experience with the flower I got initially. The diamonds I really like, but this makes me want to give their flower another try. I am definitely pining for some of these new strains, lol. Some good looking stuff th...

Re: Just a Reddit Rant

If you are a Redditer as well and you have had a good experience with us or have come to the conclusion that I am not shady, would you be so kind as to maybe drop a line in this thread? I personally don't have any experience with you but I haven't seen anything that would warrant "shady" so I'll go...

Re: RecMeds - Citrus Skunk

Awesome review! Yet another company I must check out now. Citrus skunk seems tasty and looks tasty. I would say that it is tasty, and also, they have a contest now so if there are 30 orders from this forum (doesn't have to be different people) 1 person will get a free oz. It's pretty good still. I'...

Re: The Green Ace - White Death Diamonds/Shatter + 7 Flower Strains

Those diamonds look exactly like the Nuken Live Resin I got from King Tuts, about the same exact consistency. Not what I have in mind when I think of diamonds, but then again I don't have much experience with actual diamonds. Really?! See and here I thought live resin was sort if a sappy consistenc...

Re: Thank you MOMs!

The Green Ace wrote:
Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:58 pm
I would like to thank My MOM For Bringing into this world.. Oh wait thought it was Mothers Day. My Bad guys.
It's never a bad day to thank your Mom.

Don't worry, TGA, I love you too. But my biological mom most of all. <3

Corruption in the Reddit Megathread

I just posted a review which was promptly silenced from the Reddit MegaThread–not deleted, mind you, because I can still see it–but silenced, because other people cannot. I assume this was done so that I would be less likely to notice it happened. That ain't cool. I think people deserve to know the ...

Re: RecMeds - Citrus Skunk

Nice review, the RecMeds staff have seemed cool enough every time I've spoken with them, and that definitely looks like some nice quality for $99. Yeah. The last couple of packages I did were incompatible in quality, especially in humidity, to this budget ounce. Of course the Lava Flowers ones are ...

RecMeds - Citrus Skunk Rec Meds - Signup - No ID required. Package/shipping - In a standard bag with a single seal layer within preventing the pungent skunk aroma from escaping. Came from BC. Ordered on Friday, arrived Wednesday–reasonable turnaround tim...

Re: Blogs on MOM sites.

Ghost Drops wrote:
Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:03 am
ummm, the 1 (ONE) winner got $50.
everyone else got $10 for taking 3 seconds to sign up to a site (which wasn't even part of the contest, but i felt generous).
Yeah, but if we hadn't signed up then and waited til now we'd get $20. No worries, yo. Is it packaging art you need?

Re: Blogs on MOM sites.

voose64 wrote:
Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:05 am
Ditto , I was one of the first reviewers and sign ups and never received the $20 , must have been implemented after I spose' ?
Rofl yeah and those of us that "won the contest" just end up getting less points because we signed up earlier. xP

Lava Flowers - OG, Cherry OG, Mango, Watermelon, Watermelon Skittles, Purple Train Wreck, Gooberry, Pinkberry

Lava Flowers review - free package, be warned and read on if you want! Lava Flowers Signup - It is a mystery. Package/shipping - In a box with double vacu...

Re: Weird happenings

Yes, one about 100 feet away flying above the tree tops, one a few kilometres away that disappeared behind hills in the distance. Those are not the craziest experiences I’ve had at all though. Nice! I bring up UFOs because they're a pretty "entry level" weirdness I find most people feel safe talkin...

Re: Weird happenings

That raisin story is crazy! Odds must be so so low Each time I tell that one, I think to myself everyone must think I'm full of shit, lol. Fucking wild, I should have got a lottery ticket that day instead of going fishing :D Instead of striking gold, you just struck raisin. Damnit. What an amazing ...

Weird happenings

I was cleaning out one of my vaporizer tubes and pushed a stick through it to remove the screen, directly down at the table, so that the stick would sandwich the screen and table and keep it from flying off. When I picked the tube up, the screen was gone. I then tore apart the room trying to find ou...

Re: Mainland Cannabis - Comatose, Critical Mass, Kali Mist, Death Train, Congo, Orange Cookies, Grease Monkey, Violator

Nice review, that Congo looks awesome, going to check these guys out. I recommend the Congo for sure. I finished the Orange Cookies and Kali Mist today and I think the Orange really brightened up as it dried out. I have definitely ordered from them almost a year ago. I remember it being good. So "n...

Mainland Cannabis - Comatose, Critical Mass, Kali Mist, Death Train, Congo, Orange Cookies, Grease Monkey, Violator

A review package for a new MoM. Mainland Cannabis Signup - It is a mystery. This was a forum arranged review package. Package/shipping - In a box with a single layer of vacuum sealing. One aspect was different–they did not la...

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