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Re: Chronic Kush Review

I used CK a couple times last year and have zero complaints about the quality for the price point. Prices have crept up from when i last ordered i see though. No more $74 ounces.

Not a bad MOM, just there are many better ones. I highly recommend those who only shop at CK to try others.

Re: strain reviews

Some random cheap strains were some of the best weed I had in my life and some random expensive (260 pre discount) burned black like melting plastic. I still want to go back (for some reason. I like choices) so to see reviews are good. I had good luck wuth the Tony strains and most sativas, but sam...

Re: King tut sent OZ with 16g shake.

To the fuckhead scammer.... I've got my 3 goto MOMs i always deal with and usually have no urge to try others....but thanks to your efforts here, I will get my next order from King Tuts. So help me if I ever find out any of my 3 gotos engage in this shady shit, I will drop you like Trudeau drops cab...

Re: Newish member

I know what you mean. If 20 yr old me could see 45 yr old me, he'd think I was now a drug dealer.

No, some ppl have liquor cabinets...I have a bud cabinet. 12 strains on tap as of now :)

Re: Corruption in the Reddit Megathread

Like I posted in another thread, I'm done with the subreddit. Nothing worse then taking the time to write a well thought out review only to have it sit at -1 because some chucklefuck is shilling another site and diwnvotes yours. Reddit should have a function that makes you input a brief reason for a...

Re: QPs for under $300?

I use the same handle on Reddit. Feel free to check my history there. I don't shill for CK, just saying the 1 budget ounce I got there (orange diesel i think) was ok for the price.


Edit: Posted a few days ago on Reddit, figured I'd repost here for those that don't do Reddit. Getkush I don't really do reviews anymore but i thought I'd do this because this MOM was on my try list for a long time and I finally got around to ordering. J-27 (sativa $149 oz) -- Visual - Mid sized nug...

Re: High THC

Fuck these guys. Unsolicited emails followed by unsolicited PMs. I will never order from anyone who does this.

Re: Just a Reddit Rant

I'm done posting on Canadian MOMs subreddit after today. Sick of the cliques and random downvotes. Gonna post here moving forward.

For what it's worth i received an invite to try King Tuts in it's infancy and I totally forgot to. I will get around to it this spring for sure.

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