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Re: High THC

MoM Pics is all shills anyways too bad when cheapweed posts get posted we get called out MOM pics has tons of shills, but it definitely improved once they started calling cheapweed out. Incredible that you accuse other people of shills while engaging in what you do. I don't shill nor do we get much...

Re: HighTHC

For fuck sake, it's a startup mom, probably a 2-3 person operation, did they really need external consulting to get into the market? BWIB sent a few sample packs to get started, no sketchy shit. I will stfu if they send me a free zip though, just sayin. Otherwise they can suck my left nut and sell ...

Re: Getting carried away?

Definitely to an extent With the consuming going up, grows and crafts are definitely hitting an issue of supply vs demand That being said, i am sure there are great products and variety throughout the entire platform of online MOM communities.. Just got to find the best of best.. probably by shoppin...


Look out,

Having CBD isolate in all quantities by Monday =)
*note will have the lowest pricing in Canada*

Re: Best Bulk Prices?

Hey everyone. I am by no means new to the MOM scene. I already know a ton of these places, hell I give recommendations on these threads sometimes. With that being said, what is everyone's opinion on the best bulk distributor out there? (Price vs Quality) I wanna hear your opinions. Do you guys thin...

Re: How patient should I be?

The good o'l scare tactic on Reddit - lol! WTF you think this is funny ? How insensitive is that , true colors eh Tony ! What's up with everyone trying to say Tony and true colors? I still give free hand outs, and free stuff to people who need help. You just don't see it from my view because you ne...

Re: How patient should I be?

Hey man :) I'm truly sorry about the delay on your product I just wanted to make sure you had something of that quality and my new daughter was born in the mix... I'll have something out to you Monday...believe me your patience has not gone unnoticed. It's funny you'll goto the forum when there's a...

Re: How patient should I be?

The good o'l scare tactic on Reddit - lol! I’m curious to hear a MOMs point of view on this. No need to speak about yourself if you’re not comfortable. Do you feel other moms will really try and avoid a public thread that shames them? Or do you think most places generally don’t care because there’s...

Re: High THC

MoM Pics is all shills anyways too bad when cheapweed posts get posted we get called out meanwhile the other 4-6 moms who get reviews dont but overall MOMPICS shill or not, I see it as a place for people to post and share photos by now, everyone should just remove the term shill and let people be an...

Re: Who should I try next?

Have only spent money with Speedgreens and was thinking about trying another MoM for my next order. BUT it will take a lot of convincing and research and I have about 4 weeks until I need to order again. Although I do have a Dynavap 2018 M on the way and could be here before this batch I have is do...

Re: CannaWholesalers - Terrible CS

I purchased 12oz on Thursday from CannaWholesalers and never received my tracking info by the end of Friday. When I contacted support this weekend they apologized for the "processing error" and offered to send it out immediately Monday morning with extra freebies. This was fine with me so I asked t...

Re: What is the Cheapest MOM for Lb's of herb & cheapest ounces of shatter

AimOrDie wrote:
Thu Jan 17, 2019 10:52 am
TheHighClub has 1000-1100 AA pounds of names strains. CW has unnamed stuff around the same price from time to time.
Doubt you'll find shatter at that price though.
Yeah $400 shatter is very on par with cost.. after materials shipping etc.

Re: top moms?

AimOrDie wrote:
Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:13 am
Not sure what the rules about direct links are, so these aren't direct links.

If you're buying QP+ at a time

Cheapweed (ca)

Glad we made the list =)

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