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Re: short wwcs review

Agreed buyer beware for sure, I have ordered quite a few times from them but have never emailed or even talked to anyone from there....and my order won't be in until Monday....but just because I order from them I will not vouch for them, I always order CBD and THC pills with no issue ....I have 4 st...

Re: short wwcs review

The very fact ok it's competing with CE right now says something......I bet CE oz isn't 2 bills my order will be going in today and by end of week I'll have somemore Info for everyone about the herb from wwcs

Re: short wwcs review

Yeah I don't think I'm feeling this thread seems weird to me man the bud looks great they give you a free gram of shatter to boot well heck that's pretty good $200 for 150 for the other yeah I get it there's a little bit you get what you pay for so maybe they're grading system is off today I'm makin...

Re: AimOrDie's GreenGod Review! Sweet God, Strawberry Cough, Holy Grail and Purple Urkle

Good review, but not a fan of reviews off of free smoke, I'm curious I assume you approached them for the product to do the review? Do you do this with many mom's? Again good review though simple straight to point and short enough to keep my attention

Re: Coastal Wildfire - Death Bubba

Well there we have it......I've yet to try jj meds.... I'm in love with white wedding, and sunset sherb x wedding cake and so is everyone I've tried them with..... but hey that's why we have choices....I also have the Koffee not my favorite and same goes for banana cream, although I do very much enj...


If I remember correctly it took around a week or so for them to accept my registration and I have the card...let us know how you make out !! good luck!!
But again that was definitely over a year ago


I tried to tell all of you lol couple times ...your welcome!!!! everyone to the holy Land ...


Someone tried to tell me the hierba products at wwcs we're probably the smalls or something along those lines like trying to say they separate the best buds from the batchs from Hierba and sell at different prices well.... I don't bloody think so lol my opinion but hey peeps can order from and pay w...


Yes I've ordered from them multiple times from flower to thc pills to kief to distillate.....I will be first to say website ordering process pretty bad and just about every other site is probably set up better lol but if product is the most important thing to you you can't go wrong with these guys, ...


So I ordered from wwcs who have had the same grower product as cwf and just wanna verify its identical except it's crazy cheaper.......

Re: top moms?

Bang for buck I'm been stuck at pufflevel for quite some timenow, I love there quality of bud from 175 oz up to canned 280oz find them on Instagram and you won't be disappointed, they also offer bulk discounts, shoot them a message ... you will be hooked up

Re: Is cw still a good go?

Best bet with cheapweedis talk to Tony and get your order in otherwise stuffflies off shelves to quickly and reviews might be from previous batches etc hard to go off , talk to Tony hell fix ya up nothing but good experience with Tony and cheap weed

Re: Coastal Wild Fire

Wow my post got I'm not a bloody shill I don't even know what the definition of one is all I was saying is that pufflevel now carries Hierba the same apple pie stuff as cwf but it's on sale for 65 a can......trying to help and I get deleted I thought we were all on the same team help...

Re: Coastalwildfire. Are these strains the best of the 2018? I THINK SO!

Nice review, now I gotta mention pufflevel right now this week they are 25 percent off!!! Right now 6 bucks a gram of elite organics which I'm in love with and they have a line of Kream cannabis for 70 a quarter in cans......not a shill just guylike you that's been on hunt for Amazing cannabis and h...

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