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Re: Why do you use cannabis ?

I used to smoke to get high, but that changed over the decades to use Cannabis to retain my brain function.It is very good for the brain,Those of us that have used Cannabis since the ditch weed days of the 60's, are not getting dementia like everybody else.That is from a Neurologist's lecture.

Re: highest THC oil for opening bronchial tubes for emphysema

The strongest oil I have found that is not going to cost you too much, is CO2 oil from BC Bud Dispatch.It is a very good deal for the money, and clean as it gets.40 a gram is half the price of most other retailers, and they are a great bunch of people to deal with.I recommend this product 100%.....I...

Re: Which MoM’s are staying open & Which MoM’s are closing past Oct 17?

Due to the fact that we are the real deal ORGANIC Farmers , and we have been growing for over 35 years here, WE WILL CONTINUE TO PROVIDE TOP QUALITY ORGANIC CANNABIS to our friends and customers. We don't have a choice, this is what we do and we make no appologies to anyone for taking care of our F...

Re: CP & Smelly Package Policy

The unfortunate bottom line is legal means a lot more laws, and teams of enforcement agents to make our lives more jittery.This pre legal time was the best for us and our ability to purchase decent products at good prices.Weed will never be truly legal ,but politicians have a great way to twist ever...

Re: CP & Smelly Package Policy

I bribe my delivery person with a bottle of wine and some beer every now and then to keep his loyalty.Wine makes the smell disappear, and beer makes it go away.In these rural areas we usually just a have a few folks to be concerned about.


I don't know if this is a promo, but it would be nice to get a deal on a few ounces of weed and a Quarter ounce of shatter.Lots of us like both, and might like a combo.More work for you folks though.

Re: ordering weed illegally is going to get tougher punishment

Some of our favorite providers might have to go underground, with cash only sales if we wish to avoid dry, crappy, expensive government weed.They are charging 110% markup on liquor with GST and prov. taxes on top of that.The same people at work here, with the same profit hungry status.Legalizing mea...

Re: budget strains $1150-$1400 pound reviews

Just received three budget strains and I am impressed with them all.I got an ounce of "Blue Mystic"[Strong as hell];"Chemo"[classic indica effects]; and "Blackberry"[high THC Hybrid]The free gram of bubble hash that Tony is providing lately is amazing as well, and is the best hash I have had in a lo...

Re: Anyone Use Volcano's?

If you would like to save some cash then an "Vapir Rise v 2, "would be a good choice.Very efficient with the ability to deliver 3 different streams of vapor at once.It also fills balloons like the Volcano and has a 7 speed fan.I have had this model for 2 years now and am impressed by the quality and...

Re: *****Vaping with oil based concentrates, some basics.*****

what about medication temperatures ..should a dab be at room temp? or chilled out of the refrigerator? I don't know how refrigerating a full cartridge would go lol, they kind of like to be warm a bit while in use for the oils to properly Wick. i typically don't leave oils in a cart for more then a ...

Re: *****Vaping with oil based concentrates, some basics.*****

Thanks! Another question... I'm interested in trying the e-juice (liquid shatter) from CE. What type of attachment would I need for the Pico? I'm sure the liquid is much too thin for the v2.1 cartridges I use for distillate. My favorite thing to put in those V2.1 cartrigdes is C02 oil mixed with a ...

Re: JJMeds Review

11 Weeks Blood Diamond --- I wanted to get a cheap indica and came upon this strain which was on sale for $175 and caked in trichomes. This strain has a pungent, spicy, kushy aroma and is a potent indica. The nugs are sticky and dense. -tastes smooth and burns well -pote...

Re: Bruce Banner strain

Bruce Banner is a high THC strain.I bought a cheaper version of this strain recently from BCbudispatch and it is strong as hell.There is no reason to go for the quad version of this stuff.They also had some that cost twice as much, but I doubt is any better.

Re: BCBudDispatch - May 2018

Sweet Mary has a good 3 dollar a gram weed called Double Dream that is easily worth the money.I like BC buddispatch for their incredible Co2 oil, and because they are so nice to deal with.I bought an ounce of their Tangie at 75 an ounce is A rated , and is worth the money, but can be bettered for sl...

Re: Tobacco in joints

Do you do this? i do it. It's extremely unhealthy to mix a toxic poisonous substance into your weed and then inhale it.I smoked this combination for years and it almost killed me.I ended up smoking more weed and tobacco than i would normally because tobacco is so addictive.It's your life and I am n...

Re: Marijane Depot Edibles

Tell MJ depot you got the batch at the end of the tray with no THC in it.One of those cookies should get you higher than you want to be.They are nice folks for making things right, so they should give you another bunch of cookies, or some of those Quebecois fudge pieces that look nice and homemade..

Re: Distillate and hash oil

Kanatakush wrote:
Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:40 pm
Has anyone ever mixed raw unflavored distillate with hash honey oil or cherry oil? Am I headed in the right direction there? Or should I try to find Terps to add?
I prefer C02 oil to that combination.Tastes better than either and has stronger effect.

Re: Distilate

whats the best way to "enjoy" raw unflav distillate , i happened upon 4 grs...i works well but has no enjoyable's medicine 100%. I need terps to make it have taste or can i mix it with cheaper shatter. I know how you feel, and often pay a little more to get Co2 oil instead.Some folks buy ...

Re: Highest quality quads?

JBC wrote:
Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:14 am
The best I’ve had is either JJ Meds Blood Bubba or Grass Chiefs Greasy Pink Death Bubba.
Those two establishments have the best weed, so take your pick from any of the 11 week varieties at JJmeds or anything grown by the man called the 'Hippy" at Grasschief.

Re: Still Buying Illegal Weed in California? It May Not Be as Clean as You ...

If we are to get paranoid about the cleanliness of our weed, then we should start with the air we breathe,food we eat, and water we ingest.Lots of chemicals coming into our bodies and most are not safe.Fluoride,Chlorine, asbestos,Nitrites,Mercury, to name just a few.Our weed is the very least of our...

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