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Re: What are you listening to ?

Same as you guys. Grew up listening to hiphop. VDUBB I had a DnB phase for awhile there...used to go to raves and festivals and warp my mind.....yah I'm down with almost all music. Its just all based on mood..hiphops a staple though. Right now I'm bumping this classic.. Mf doom: Operation Doomsday. ...

Searching for Hawaiian

Hey there,

I'm looking for a strain called Hawaiian. I've seen blue Hawaiian around but have not seen just plain ol Hawaiian.
Ive checked several MoMs but have yet to track it down.
Such a nice smelling strain and uplifting!!

Re: Black Friday Deals

20% OFF the entire store (use code: greenfriday20) FREE SHIPPING on all orders.Including a free gift for all orders over $100!

Interested to see what else is going on

Re: OZ of Hash

I highly recommend hashy hands, it's not your cheapest route but the quality is above anything else out there and you won't be disappointed.

Re: CBC fear mongering on M.O.M. sites

I completely agree with you xsinx. I enjoyed it being accepted and ignored.

This just creates something for those people looking for something to complain and hate on, a new agenda.

Get ready to be constantly see this type of stuff in the news for the several years till its accepted and forgotten

True meds take over.

I just got an email notifying me (the masses) that True Meds has been taken over by Apparantly all the same services and products will be offered plus some more. I've never heard of before but the email made them sound like a well known establishment of medicinal and recreation...

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