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Re: Best place to get seeds from?

Don't spread false words. The dudes solid as they come, it's just him running his own show so the orders get shipped when they can. He usually shuts down at the end of the month so he can catch up and send everything out. If you read the FAQ he has a different way of getting orders out. But they'll ...

Re: New HASH!

Hi, thank you for your concern. Our 2-5A grading system that we have been using is our unique way to identify the quality buds that customers purchase from us! Let me do you a solid... do a quick search on here or even the Reddit sub of your name and you’ll quickly see the sheer amount of posts not...

Re: New HASH!

That’s a lot of A’s We grade our different strains from AAAAA being the strongest and hardest hitting all the way down to AA to make it easy for you to pick which strain suits you best. If you use "AA-AAAAA" why not just use the widely accepted "A-AAAA" You're still using 4 A's, being different isn...

Re: What are you listening to ?

Same as you guys. Grew up listening to hiphop. VDUBB I had a DnB phase for awhile there...used to go to raves and festivals and warp my mind.....yah I'm down with almost all music. Its just all based on mood..hiphops a staple though. Right now I'm bumping this classic.. Mf doom: Operation Doomsday. ...

Searching for Hawaiian

Hey there,

I'm looking for a strain called Hawaiian. I've seen blue Hawaiian around but have not seen just plain ol Hawaiian.
Ive checked several MoMs but have yet to track it down.
Such a nice smelling strain and uplifting!!

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