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Death Space Cookies (Cookies Grower) - JJ Meds - Jan 2019

Though we were unable to confirm its exact genetics/lineage, this batch of Death Space Cookies grown by the Cookies Grower arrived as slightly-dry, well-covered medium-to-large buds. Presenting a light, pleasantly-earthy aroma with hints of sweetness, this balanced sativa-leaning hybrid delivered an initial cerebral buzz followed by a relaxing, multi-layered sensory experience. Potent with long-lasting effects, this batch of Death Space Cookies maintained its earthy, faintly-sweet flavour throughout, yielding mild eye strain on the comedown.

Efficacy & Potency: 9/10
Aroma, Taste & Enjoyment: 8/10
Bud Structure & Visual Appeal: 9/10

Score: 87-90
Grade: AAAA-

More photos & reviews at the site. Strains on deck: Pineapple Haze (JJM), Mandarina (SHE), Cherrygasm (KC), Blue Magic (CWF), Iced Grapefruit (CWF), Romulan (CWF), Peyote Cookies (CWF).

Re: Death Space Cookies (Cookies Grower) - JJ Meds - Jan 2019

Evilevile wrote:
Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:49 pm
Wonderful review of my favorite strain from 2018. Definite eye strain on this one, it's potent. WOW potent. Beautiful pictures.
Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated! There was some discussion on our Reddit thread re: this strain's potency, but I personally found this to be quite a creeper despite my high tolerance. Looking forward to trying more of JJ's premium strains in the future,

Re: Death Space Cookies (Cookies Grower) - JJ Meds - Jan 2019

themelancholyspirit wrote:
Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:50 am
Gorgeous photos, wow! What are you shooting with?

I am eager to order from JJ again, I've just heard so many people bashing them lately.
Thank you! Shooting with a 1DX + Zeiss 50mm with a 12mm extension tube.

I'm surprised to hear that about JJ - always felt like they had a great reputation for value and haven't seen a lot of negative reviews, though I mostly just skim for sources I'm about to shop at.