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Black Nuken - TheHighClub.ca

Black Nuken from TheHighClub.ca

Ounce: $165


Black Nuken is an indica dominant hybrid of Kish (2 Shishkaberry parents) and God Bud (Hawaiian + Purple Skunk + God)


Large firm forest green cola with ample burnt umber stigma. Certain angles make this strain surprisingly appear as coral. A frosted coat of trichomes baths the tight flower grouping.


Cut pine and freshly trimmed grass. An earthy musk conceals a slight tartness, bringing to mind torn orange peel.


A Woodsy overtone on the inhale coupled with a dankness akin to hash. Smooth and powerful.

On exhale that same taste is there. Images of pine chips in the garden followed by a spring walk in the woods.

Aftertaste is predominately herbal in character and retains that hashish tint.


Joint burned into a fine pale ash.


A warm heavy blanket with its indica heritage unveiling itself first and foremost. The sativa effects were more of an undercurrent with slight cerebral tickling being its only sign. 80 percent body high in my experience. While not having a complete knockout effect, the high made my body relaxed and my mind calmed.

Final Notes

A strong strain that doesn't pull any punches. Although a hybrid, its sedation effects are such that I would recommend as an evening strain. Something to smoke a few hours before bed to ease your body and mind into rest.