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Og Glue Sniffer - TheHighClub

Og Glue Sniffer from TheHighClub.ca
Ounce price: $180


Og Glue Sniffer comes from Gorilla Glue 4 (Sour Dubb + Chem Sis) and Grateful Breath (Joseph OG + OG Kush Breath)


Mosslike tight evergreen cola with a beautiful thick blanket of shining trichomes. Deep amber stigma bordering on red. The shape reminds of a Christmas tree and has the glitter to match. A sharp and powerful looking bud.


Diesel in the front riding with a soft pine musk. Pleasant and quiet, this strain hides a slight sweetness within.


On the inhale, fresh turned garden soil transports me to spring. A thick earthy focus with a slight gas flavour on the exhale.

The earthiness has an almost floral characteristic that is kind of hard to pin down.

Smooth smoke with a very light mouthfeel.


Bone colored ash with an even burn.


Five minutes to kick in, the beginning was a nice facial pressure and a soft body stone. A mainly cerebral high with a nice and easy body tingle. Creative mindset and energetic.

Final Notes

A daytime and wake and bake strain that I could easily see myself taking for a hike. Zero couch-lock and potent calming effects.

A woodsy pungency is a highlight here and it imprints itself from the nose to the aftertaste it tattoos on the tongue. Tearing open the nug sent a powerful waft of fresh dirt and left my fingers sticky.

A solid strain.