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G13 - TheHighClub

G13 from TheHighClub

Ounce - $240


Unknown lineage.


Firm pickle green cola with pale orange stigma. A generous coat of trichomes covers the hill laden body. It appears as a partly finished bush sculpture of a panda.


Fresh cut pine chips. A light, soft nose.


On the inhale a smooth medium density earthy flavour and mouthfeel. Light in every way except for a slight lung expanding feeling leaving me coughing a little.


White ash.


Hits swift and hard. Tingling, vacant mindset and strong body high. A straight punch.

Final Notes

An unassuming strain that packs a wallop. I would recommend as a nighttime smoke that will easily send you to dreamland.

This would be a great anxiety aid as it completely clears your thoughts and allows you to live in the moment.

A strong medicinal strain.

Re: G13 - TheHighClub

frankthetank wrote:
Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:06 pm
This strain looks super tasty, thanks for the review! What are those little blue fragments the bud is resting on in the photo?
You're very welcome.

The blue stuff is a glass glitter that has the consistency of gravel. It is easy to clean up and doesn't stick to surfaces like glitter usually does.