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Herb approach

So I have ordered twice on Herb Approach and thus far I'm super happy with them !!! Awsome prices. Not as much selection as BuddiesCanada but different choices. A lot of topicals and tinctures. Lots of CBD products also. I love their KleerX distillates 3 for 95$. Super lemon haze OMG Strawnana is on point. Waiting to try OG kush. Moon rocks smell like strawberries... like really strong... but won't buy again not worth the price.
Love the cannalife botanicals lip balm, friend ordered the arthritis balm, excited to hear the feedback. Interested in trying them myself. Will order from them again !! Great contact, fast shipping and discrete packaging. Normally they send a free joint or pack of rollings, but i didnt get it in my last order. Everything I paied for was there and in good condition. Attached is pic of second order that i got on November 20th. Was ordered on the 15th (canada post strikes...)