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Re: The Green Ace - 4 New Strains! Check Em Out In 3D!

Vdubb wrote:
Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:40 am
So I was just going to place my order

The coupon code greenfriday20 says it’s expired.
Tom Ford shows out of stock in the cart.. but it doesn’t show out of stock on the website.
Also the new strains you just posted are not listed on your website for the mix and match deals
I know what you're talking about, Vdubb. I experienced it too when putting together my last order--when it gives the option to add it as a free gift, it says it's out of stock and the only way to progress is to select no free gift at that level.

I've received my order and sampled Pink Star and Lemon Sour Diesel and I have to say, the Pink Star was especially good and the Lemon is EXTREMELY lemony!

Re: The Green Ace - 4 New Strains! Check Em Out In 3D!

^^^ yes thank you! That’s what happened to me. I put in the notes that I couldn’t add the free gift and said I wouldn’t mind a sample of pink star or blue cap crush... so we’ll see what happens.

The website is a bit glitchy, but I successfully got my order in with the 20% coupon. So I’m happy.

However, I’ve never seen a MOM charge tax.. not sure what to think about that. I live in the GTA and in Ontario, purchasing weed online is still illegal, so no tax. Is it different in BC?

Re: The Green Ace - 4 New Strains! Check Em Out In 3D!

The Green Ace wrote:
Sat Dec 01, 2018 12:21 am
Yeah, so I checked out your order. Your subtotal was less than 150 so you could not get the free gift. Its 150+ stated on the website's homepage. But don't worry, I'll give you the free gifts on us this time =). The site's not glitchy, you didn't go over the $150 spending limit.
Ah, that makes sense. Now that I went back I clearly see the free gift over $150. I was wondering why it wouldn’t add! Appreciate the free gift, I already got a pretty good deal with your sale, the gift wasn’t necessary. Although it will be nice to sample another strain.

And I ordered the blue cheese! Can’t wait to take a big whiff of it.