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Jager from HSP


(LA Confidential x Blue Dream)
Sharp earthy, floral smell that became more sweet and felt sticky after an extended period of jar time. Smooth smoke burned with white ash and subtle flavour giving enjoyable hybrid effects without couch lock. The strongly medicating properties allowed me to focus on tasks while feeling great, high marks in all categories for a small nug packed with crystals. Part of my previous HSP review.

Re: Jager from HSP

Weezer wrote:
Sun Dec 23, 2018 7:12 pm
I really like the pictures ! Shows what the bud truly looks like !
Thank you, I've been trying something different with the lighting recently which seems to turn out more accurate colours.

agentcooper000 wrote: Great pics!
I've still got some Jager from HSP I received early November and it is on point with your review (likely not the same batch)
Really enjoy it.
A quality strain for sure. Appreciate the kind words.