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Cheap Weed Harlequin

So I ordered from Cheap Weed because I wanted a high CBD strain.

I keep seeing a lot of nice picture of bud that is light in colour and this seems a bit dark.
I have a boveda in there so it's not dry.
I am storing in the bag that it was sent in.

Re: Cheap Weed Harlequin

Visually looks similar to what I ordered later last year, but I received a lot of larger buds. Put in a glass jar w/ boveda and it cleaned up nice.

I like to vape it first thing in the morning and before bed. Has a really nice calming feeling. Still have about a half ounce because I mainly get my high cbd from my lp's. Wanted to try out a mom CBD flower though and it was a good experience.

Most of the high CBD no/very little thc flower from Canna Farms has been extremely different though. Very rich in trichs but the flower is very stemmy and leafy. The high is so clean and calm (speaking mainly about CannaBliss CBD, usually 14-20%CBD).

When I got the harlequin I was thrown off because it was a lot more dense and dark. Though it more resembles CBD Critical Mass or CBD Kush visually.

Re: Cheap Weed Harlequin

LP weed is so overpriced it's pathetic. Lots of people completely stay away and that's totally understandable. I would be bankrupt if I order my full allotment (3g/day = 90g/month). Benefits are great but they can only do so much.

What I've been doing recently is going for the 1:1 thc/cbd flower or even HIGH CBD flower and only purchasing that; ordering other strains from MOMs because I don't get lab results for flowers from moms like you do from the LPs. At least I know 100% that the CBD strain I'm purchasing from my LP will contain CBD, and I don't have to leave it to my experiences to math out any CBD mathematics.

Canna Farms usually has 3-4 CBD rich strains in stock, my favorite being Canna Bliss (currently 17.9% CBD <0.03% THC) and CBD Critical Mass (roughly 5% THC and 8-10%CBD). Also have CBD Skunk and CBD Kush, both good too. No experience with Aurora or Med-Releaf; just some of Aurora MK Ultra from the OCS.