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Pink OG --- King Tuts

Pink OG --- King Tuts


Unknown but said to be a descendant of OG Kush.


Pecan colored stigma curl into well cured hunter green colas. Tearing open a nug exposes slight hidden purple hues. Crystals lighten the bud giving it a morning dew appearance.


A floral vibrancy dominates and is coupled with a tender sweetness that melds the nose together. Fresh cut bouquet surrounded by Fall fruits. Potpourri simmering in the afternoon. A smell to be surrounded in.


The floral nature of the nose translates well into the smooth smoke. A hint of sawn wood on the exhale accompanies the mild almost perfume aftertaste. The resin has a tangy sweet sharpness.


White ash


5 minutes in there is a nice facial pressure followed by a smooth body couch-lock. Anxiety easing and thought blocking. Comfortable without being coma inducing.

Final Notes

An excellent evening smoke with an incense-like soothing nose. The floral characteristic cannot be overstated and can be found rooted firmly in every aspect of this seducing aromatic bud. This functional flower would be great for a movie night or anytime you are looking for relaxation without a knockout.