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Bruce Banner --- King Tuts

Bruce Banner --- King Tuts


OG Kush (Emerald Triangle + Hindu Kush) crossed with Strawberry Diesel (NYC Diesel + Strawberry Cough)


Clusters of tightly grouped calyxes in this cola remind of hilly mountains. Medium intensity orange stigma dance around the flooring entwined tightly. Breaking open exposes a fine dusting of shining trichomes.


Delicate gas with smooth earth. Very light, soft nose.


Gentle and mossy warm earth on the inhale with a breeze of diesel. The exhale unveils a more sweet gas tone which encompasses much of the aftertaste.




Five minutes in and the sativa aspects of this strain lead. This is an energetic flower leaving the mind in a state of Whirling Dervish. Little body effect besides a slight tingling in the limbs. Racing thoughts. The name is quite appropriate, bringing to mind a transformative energy.

Final Notes

Wake and bake and off to hike. A powerful surge from a modest yet beautiful bud. Musical in its energy. Dramatic and focusing. Cerebral exercise.