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Strawberry Banana --- King Tuts

Strawberry Banana --- King Tuts


Banana Kush (Ghost OG + Skunk Haze) crossed with the "Strawberry" phenotype of Bubblegum.


A virtual snake pit of pumpkin coloured stigma suffocate this dense flower. The pale frosty green tones of this bud are mostly hidden under the knotted horde.


A pronounced sweetness exudes with clean berry notes. Quiet and clear with whispers of earthy musk. Breaking uncovers fresh turned soil entwined with those same berry tones.


An almost transparent sweetness. Smooth as glass smoke with the flavour of candied bark. Sugared wood chips.




An uppercut to the body as a first puff "Hello". The Indica effects are powerful with this strain and come within a minute in. Face mask pressure. Full body relaxation with an uplifted mood. Slightly energetic but not racing by any means.

Final Notes

Impressive in the speed of its effect. You will experience a strong body stone with a functional, upbeat mindset. A dessert strain for following supper to lead into a fun easing night. Wake and bake for anxiety. Thought softening but not a steamroller to dreams. Conversational and warming. Engaged calm.

Re: Strawberry Banana --- King Tuts

King Tuts wrote:
Sun Jan 20, 2019 1:54 pm
Nice review and great pics! Sounds like you enjoyed it as well, which is the most important to me :)

Again, appreciate the time you took to review the product!
You're very welcome KT.
Hubbs wrote: Damn you got a way with the words haha. Super descriptive, i would love to see some more reviews from you!

I just received my first order from the Tut and have been nicely surprised also. Quality flower from the lower end to the upper end. The shatter is also on point
Thank you very much Hubbs for your kind words :) Very appreciated.
Glad you are happy with your order, what did you pick up?

Re: Strawberry Banana --- King Tuts

xsinx wrote:
Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:45 am
Nice reviews garden, for some reason all I can imagine when reading them is Kermit sipping tea, lol. Are you a writer or poet or something?
Kermit...Haha, that's really funny. I'm a fan of your work as well Xsinx.
I love writing/photography/drawing/painting/music etc. Being focused and expressive is cathartic for me.
agentcooper000 wrote: What a fun review!
Thanks for making it interesting, and appreciate your comments on the strain.
Thank you! Glad you feel so :)