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Rockstar&fcgsc and slurricane— CWF new year sale.

So I has able to get an exclusive batch of slurricane that was given to the owners as a gift from a grower. I was able to get this because I wasn’t too fond of the honest springs flower choices. He offered some flower from his personal stash. Major terp action on the slurricane. Not the prettiest, nor the heaviest.. but its got that slurricane crush soda taste that I’ve had on previous batches.

The fcgsc has a very nice initial cerebral buzz.. only downside is it tapers off pretty quick. It’s got that kush spicyness. Mine has a bit of tackiness to it now and is no longer dry. The terps are really starting to shine as well. My first fcgsc batch so I got nothing to compare to.

The rockstar was an older batch, so this is my first hubcity flower that isn’t super sticky. Mostly small nugs with a few decent ones. Beautiful buds, deep purple with large fiery hairs. This was my fav out of the 3 so far. Although, all 3 are very nice smokes.
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