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Super Silver Haze --- TheHighClub

Super Silver Haze --- TheHighClub


Northern Lights + Skunk #1 + Haze


Sparkled lime firm colas with a decent amount of sugar leaf still intact. Apricot stigma tendrils mate throughout the forest floor and dance outward like unruly eyelashes. Has a wild appearance and brings to mind sea anemones or infected pine trees.


Citrus peeling, cut grass, turned sod, and a distant sweetness. Musk in Moss.


Lemons tumbled in mild sweet grass. Tangy citrus. Vague pungent earthy tones. Sun dried topsoil. Sliver of savoury must with thoughts of parched sauna walls.


Warm jolly cheek pressure. Focused, clear mind. Energetic yet gentle cerebral high. Weightless zero-body.

Final Notes

Upbeat functional Sativa with clean Pledge aftertaste. Wake and bake recommended for a mellow dose of optimism and initiative. Not a hulking mood injection but rather an enthusiastic eye-opening smile with strong facial presence. Pat on the back and skip in the step.