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Ghost Drops - Bazooka Joe

Bazooka Joe = Indiana Bubblegum x Face Off OG
I am not sure why this is listed as a AAA cause it is at least a AAAA-. But for the price I will jump on this flower all day long. Beautiful looking buds and cured perfectly with a bit of bounce to the nugg’s. Taste is so smooth and sour/sweet with an amazing uplifting high! Not to be over done though as the effects will build and give you some anxiety if you are prone to it.


Re: Ghost Drops - Bazooka Joe

Sounds like GD knows how to grade his flower correctly. This is a huge bonus when ordering...

Did you try anything else voose? I’m waiting for the PG to come back before I order, unless there’s a good vday/family day sale I see on the site before then.