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Girl Scout Cookies --- TheHighClub

Girl Scout Cookies --- TheHighClub


OG Kush + Durban Poison


Olive calyxes huddle closely like bunches of grapes and marry with frizzled pumpkin colored stigma tangled tightly. Cloudy crystal paving emphasize the swarming threads. Tense muscled nugs in a ruck.


Limes bathed in sugared flowers. Wafting sweet citrus and cut petals. Lucky Charms.


The taste is a mirror image of the nose. Tart lime notes on the inhale with a floral tone on the exhale. Shadows of soil. Candy-sweet resin.


Uplifting cerebral energy. Slight body presence but certainly leans heavily on the Sativa side. Zero couch-lock. Positive outlook with a kick in the pants for confidence. Bolstered ambition. A boosting force to carve through the haze.

Final Notes

Spirit charge. This strain has a complex, irresistible lime profile coupled with chords of wild spring flowers. Alluring depth. Recommended to both Sativa and Indica lovers as it has something for everyone to enjoy, day or night. I will be taking this on a nice walk.