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Mandarina - Sky High Exotics - Jan 2019

Impressively-fragrant for a budget bud, this memorable batch of Mandarina had a lovely, roasted-orange ‘warmth’ in its aromatic pungency. Arriving as well-covered smaller buds, this attractive hybrid leads with a distinct roasted-citrus flavour, before settling into its familiar, earthy ‘Kush’ taste. Though we were unable to confirm its exact genetics/lineage, we found Mandarina to be a balanced, grounded experience, offering relief and functional relaxation of moderate potency.

Efficacy & Potency: 7/10
Aroma, Taste & Enjoyment: 8.5/10
Bud Structure & Visual Appeal: 8/10

Score: 83-86
Grade: AAA

More photos & reviews at the site. Wanted to shout this out as great value as well - it's currently the top-scoring budget option in our database. Strains on deck: Pineapple Haze (JJM), Living Soil Cherrygasm (KC), Blue Magic (CWF), Iced Grapefruit (CWF), Romulan (CWF), Peyote Cookies (CWF).