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Do-Si-Dos (Gastown) - The BH.Othority - Mar 2019

Arriving as small, dense, clustered nugs with some popcorn buds, this Do-Si-Dos grown by Gastown Fire was unimpressive at first glance, but quickly made its presence known through its potent, memorable effects. Boasting a strong pungent/sweet/earthy aroma, this Do-Si-Dos also maintained its complex, skunky sweetness throughout the enjoyable experience. A rare true power-hybrid that delivers on both fronts, this Do-Si-Dos hits swiftly with a strong head buzz before offering relaxing-but-stimulating body effects prior to mild burnout. (Also, after a few sessions, we photographed the strain and realized how pretty it was up close!)

Efficacy & Potency: 9.5/10
Aroma, Taste & Enjoyment: 9/10
Bud Structure & Visual Appeal: 8/10

Score: 90-93
Grade: AAAA-

As always, more photos + full reviews at our site. Loved this, despite the 1g of actual popcorn, but the rest of the nugs were fine + caked up close. Awesome effects, good taste, super terpy.