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Violator Kush - Speed Greens - May 2019

Arriving as highly-aromatic large nugs with irregular trim, this Violator Kush boasts an enticing nose of pungently-sweet, earthy musk. After initial woody, slightly-herbal notes, this indica-dominant hybrid eases into a subtly-sweet earthiness for most of the experience before becoming unfortunately acrid at higher temps. Offering strong, calming cerebral effects followed by (mild) physical relaxation, this batch of Violator Kush was of above-average potency and headier in its effects than usual for the strain.

Efficacy & Potency: 8/10
Aroma, Taste & Enjoyment: 8/10
Bud Structure & Visual Appeal: 8/10

Score: 85-88
Grade: AAA+


Full Disclosure: This is a donated product that will result in 7g of flower being gifted by 416 Strains towards our Cannabis for Good initiative. Please visit our Community Resources page for more details – 416 Strains is committed to grading every strain objectively for our Canadian cannabis database.