Curing Cannabis 101 - Lessons with MOM

What is curing cannabis?
Curing cannabis is quite often forgot about when talking about cannabis processing. It is one of the most important steps in ensuring your crops quality. In the days before legalization, these complex processes were quite often left to the ‘professionals’. Now that you can grow at home you too can also try your hand at curing your cannabis flowers. Turning a decent product into a truly excellent one, by enhancing the products potency and its flavour profile. The process of curing cannabis involves slowly removing moisture from the flowers in a controlled environment. Keeping the temperature low and the moisture around 55%-60% preserve the flowers without drying them too quickly. This is essential if you intend to store your crop for a long period of time before consuming it.

Cured cannabis tastes better!
Have you ever smoked cannabis that caused a harsh, throat-burning sensation when you smoked it? Improperly curing cannabis is the result of impatient or inexperienced growers who forget that they are dealing with living beings. Once you cut down your crop the cannabis flowers are still growing. Not in size but rather the chemical compounds inside of the flowers. This is why curing cannabis is so essential. THC and other cannabinoids change through the curing process if the temperature is kept below 21 degrees Celsius. These conditions allow for other enzymes to break down the minerals and sugars left behind by the plant’s chlorophyll. These sugars and plant-based minerals can greatly affect the flavor profile and aroma your cannabis flowers produce.

What do I need for curing cannabis?
The supplies required to cure your cannabis is relatively simple. Firstly, some airtight glass mason jars, your trimmed and dried cannabis flowers, a few Boveda humidity packs, and finally a calendar. The calendar is optional but the most important part about curing cannabis is to make sure that you check the bud every day while your curing. One or two days without being checked on can lead to major mold issues if the moisture of the buds is too high.