MCT Canna Oil caps

Greetings folks. Pretty new to the whole making edibles scene. Managed it a few times. My first was with ABV and one brownie took me to the MOON. Tried making coconut oil with a half ounce of kief and I must have screwed something up somewhere as I took a dozen caps and felt absolutely nothing. Made some cookies with it, same thing.

The other day I made some Canna Oil using MCT Coconut oil. Had roughly 36 grams of mystery weed (random scraps from 50+ strains I just lump together) and figured oil would be the best use.

I likely screwed up somewhere, but a quick rundown:

  1. Bud was already busted; spread out evenly on a cooking sheet covered in (aluminum) foil and decarbed at 240F for 40 minutes
  2. Two cups of MCT Oil in the Magical Butter machine w/ 30ml sunflower lecithin oil (recipe said 15ml (or mg?) per cup). What I didn't realize was that since I was using liquid lecithin I needed a lot less than the granules.
  3. Set the MB machine to 2 hours where it brewed away
  4. Made about 168 Double Zero (00) caps

A couple things now. I know I used too much lecithin; to what effect would that have on my oil? My caps are slowly leaking in my storage bowl; could this be because it's a thinner oil?

I've popped a few caps now and have noticed an extremely light euphoric feeling. My smoke/vape tolerance is quite high as I've been smoking for 20 years and have been dabbling in shatter for the last several months recently also. I find that edibles just don't work well for me, or I just need to take a higher dose maybe.

Anybody have a good foolproof coconut oil recipe? I can't do butter because I'm severely lactose intolerant and I have a hard time with any cooking recipes that call for butter when all I have is oil :S