What Do You Use For Tincture Extraction(Ontario)

Hey peeps, I recently bought the Magical Butter Machine and was stoked to make tincture but have run into an issue seems Ontario has Alcohol restrictions that wont allow me to use a high percentage alcohol here , I know Quebec and Alberta sell either Alcool 95% or Global 94% , upon researching it appears Isopropyl 99% and BioFlame Ethanol can also be used, but I'm concerned about the length both Iso and Ethanol should only be a wash??Where the grain alcohol goes into the machine for 4hrs,and 60 days is way to long to use glycerine ..

Seems nothing out there is associating anything but grain alcohol(Ever Clear) to be used with the Magical Butter machine

I've failed 2-3 times before this new machine just wanted any advice,tips or suggestions


Re: What Do You Use For Tincture Extraction(Ontario)

Sorry to necro/bump/etc but I'm also in this same situation. Except I'm closer to MB border so driving 18+ hours to QC isn't an option.

One of the only solutions I've sort of come up with is that you can try to contact the LCBO and mention to them that you have a medical license and wish to purchase overproof grain alcohol to make medical tinctures. Don't know if you have your license or not (I do) but I haven't attempted this method yet. I've used my MB machine to make some cannaoil but I think I really messed up the bud to oil ratio and it was garbage (10 thc pills at a time and nothing).

Something to try I suppose?