Edibles being added to the site soon - Any requests?

Good morning,

We're working with a good friend who has been making Vegan Edibles for some time now. We're coming up with a menu together. I must admit, edibles are a product that I could use some advice on. I'm liking the Vegan aspect, as the shelf life is much longer and of course, no animal products.

As some of you may know, we try and keep pricing as low and fair as possible. Maybe we will end up being your new go to for edibles!

If any of you are into edibles and have any insight to what you think should be on every menu, please feel free to mention. Is there a favorite dosage you would like to see in each product?

Right now, we're working on:

- Cookies (Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter)
- Rice Crispy Squares
- Lollipops
- Gummi's
- Hard Small Candies
- Capsules

They already have a few items like, brownies, soft bars and loafs. I'm not a fan of that, in case they fall a part during shipping.

I think we have a pretty fair Promo / Giveaway going on right now for our Flowers and Extracts (Even though the site is down at the moment for maintenance). I'm sure that once we have the new Edibles menu up, we will do something similar :)