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Extremely easy to place your order, same as any other site - sign up, add to cart, send e transfer and away you go! The pricing is a bit expensive if buying low amounts,however due to the insane OZ discounts, they become MUCH cheaper, and some of the most affordable true quads around.

These guys.. of all the people I've worked with, these are the best of the best. Nancy was a saint with helping me arrange and prepare my order, directing me to some of her personal suggestions as well as the most popular recent sellers. Throughout the entire process she was the first to update me, and even through the CP strike it only took 3 days from BC to ON, while multiple of my other packages have been stuck for almost 2 weeks. They were QUICK. I decided this time to review each grade of their AAA(+/-) to see how it compares to the generalized grade of other sellers.

The package came in a mailer which held a discrete white box (which wasn't over taped), which held vaccum sealed the 3 baggies containing the cannabis. Everything stayed exceptionally fresh, with not a single bud being dried from transit.

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Black Rose 7G AAA+: The smell was extraordinary - sweet citrus, diesel, and this strange skunky after tone.. it was intoxicating to say the least. I spent way to much time sniffing the bottle, it is honestly one of the top 3 smelling weeds I have ever had. The taste was like 7 up mixed with a pungent kush, I would drink that shit all day. These nugs were outrageous! An intertwined mix of every shade of green and purple, some almost black. It is very appropriately named when pairing it with its smell. It was left slightly leafy, but with the courage it just adds to the bag appeal. The smoke was incredibly smooth, with a nice white ash and a light feeling in the lungs, until it hits. The light turns to heavy, and a bit of a cough may emit. A sudden wave of relaxation washed over my body like a arrow hitting a target, and it soothed into the greatest sense of calm I've felt in a while. I was sat the hell down, with no worries, no negativity, and no remote.. I was content with the world though. This is a heavy HEAVY indica. You will be stuck indacouch indefinitely. Any users looking for a cure to insomnia, depression, stress, ADD/ADHD, OCD, Anxiety.... you know what.. a cure to bloody well everything. This is the holy grail. This definitely should be considered AAAA.

Bruce Banner #3 7G AAA:
What better way to save the day than in true Marvel fashion! The smell hits you in the face like a freight train the second you open up that bottle - an overwhelming diesel smell which lingers as a very sweet-strawberry smell. Almost floral. These buds were BEAUTIFUL, with a gorgeous array of crystal spread throughout a sea of green with twisting orange hairs. The taste is slightly kushy due to the diesel lineage, however that floral, earthy taste is what sticks on your tongue. Very flavorful. The smoke was unbelievably smooth, with a light density and burning the ash completely white. This bud was taken care of. The high was extremely energetic, with a sudden burst of euphoria seconds after the inhale. It will send you into a creative spiral, with extreme attention to detail. I could not stop the juices from flowing! It is a long duration high passing the 2 hour mark, which is excellent for a sativa. This would be perfect for ANY student or day time worker, as it seems to be the adderall of the Cannabis world. As the Energizer bunny says, it just keeps going and going... and going.. Easily meets its grade, if not exceeds it.

BC Big Bud 7G AAA(-):
Always a favorite. The one I miss most from the island, the Big Giant. These nugs were HUGE, dense, and absolutely caked. The trim job was only a tad off, which is why I believe they gave it the (-) rating. The smell punches you right away with that funky citrus smell with overtones of earthy pine. A true hybrid, you can tell by even just its looks that it wanted to go both ways and couldnt decide. It EXPLODED upon busting, and the ash was only a tad grey. It was tasty. That nice citrus smell carries over excellently to the taste, and it is one of the closest to being able to 'taste the smell' It gave a little tickle in the back of the throat the first bowl smoked, and by the end of it the sativa part was already displaying itself - a focused mind which began to formulate my schedule for the day. It allowed me to have attention to detail whilst remaining motivated.. until half way through the indica side finally decided to show up to the party. A sense of relief envelopes you as your body begins to relax - you can finally sit back and notice truly what you accomplished in the day, and you feel rewarded with that sense of relaxation - a job well done deserves a break, and big bud definitely gives you that. I would agree with its (-) rating completely.

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Use coupon code reddit5 at checkout for 5% off your ENTIRE order (including the OZ discounts!
They have both a rewards program and an affiliate program. Their rewards system actually gains you bud QUICK instead of most places where IRS a slow drag.

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No incentive for review was given, this was a personal purchase

Free 14G of one of their AAA+ on orders over $349. Free shipping over $149. Free gifts on half and oz'.
MIX AND MATCH OZ. 2 ounces for 15% off. 3 ounces for 25% off. 4 ounces for 35% off etc.

TLDR; GetKush is a bit expensive when buying small amounts, but an outrageous price for the truest of trips and quads in OZ+ amounts. All came overweight by some, and I believe the only reason they didnt write these as AAAA(+/-) was due to the trim job, which is respectable. This compares to the high end IG flower, and has completely blown me out of the water. They seem to be UNDERGENEROUS with their ratings, unlike most shops. With these guys you will be impressed instead of depressed. I can not wait to try their other products as they have instantly become my favorite. The customer service far exceeds that of the IG sellers, therefore GetKush is an excellent resource for anybody seeking the best of the best! They have moved up quickly to my top position for Cannabis specifically.

Re: GetKush Review

Good review. I normallly wouldnt be interested in bc big bud because when i was young that was usually what dealers called whatever big scrappy looking buds they had. My buddy made an order and got a big bud sampler and it blew my expectations away, good flavour.