West Coast Cannabis - Finer, Fresher Flower - A Seven Strain Review!

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West Coast Cannabis

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Signup is quick and easy, typical MOM setup. WCC’s website is nice and fast, polished and not TOO busy (something that plagues some sites).

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Ordering is typical ecommerce cart-style shopping--quick and easy.

WCC’s prices appear cheaper than some MOMs at the ounce level (I do not buy bulk, nor comment on it’s pricing), however, their cannabis all hovers around the AAA (+/-) mark, so the pricing scheme is fairly aligned with the quality.

Communication since my first order with WCC has been fantastic. They really seem to want to please their customers, and that is always a high selling point for me. After the 10-day shipping fiasco that my first order with WCC went through, they contacted me personally to offer a new sampling of fresher products to apologize for the shipping delay. In my opinion, that offer was over and above in terms of customer service, as the shipping delay was obviously the fault of the rotating Canada Post strike.

Standard CP mailer, inside which was a vac-sealed freezer-lock bag containing the small mylar sample bags. No moisture control but for this order, it wasn’t an issue, as all of the flower arrived very fresh.

Products / Photos:

Blueberry Afghan: Hybrid
WCC’s blueberry afghan is a tad hit and miss for me. It has a really appealing high, great hybrid mix of body stone and euphoria that leaves you just functional enough to get things done, but with a large grin on your face--if not fully giggly. The drawback, for me, is the smell and taste, it has a largely artificial sweet smell and taste, and the smell reminded me a lot of their Lemon Drop, which I detested for the same reason. The first few puffs in a vape come off so sweet that it’s a bit ridiculous: weed just doesn’t taste or smell like this, and it’s too much. I can imagine there are a number of people out there who really like, or don’t know any better, regarding flavour chemicals in cannabis, but I know better, I don’t like it, and this weed is chalk full of it. That said, I WOULD smoke this weed again, I’m not sure I’d outright purchase it, but I would smoke somebody’s elses’. :P The bud was nicely trimmed and dense; well cured and broke apart easily. There’s a solid amount of trichomey goodness to the Blueberry Afghan, and I’d say it is a solid AAA, in terms of potency and duration of effects.
My Rating: Potency: 3.7/5 Flavour & Smell: 2.2/5 (this is subjective)

Purple Space Cookies: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
This is my first experience with PSC, and I was very surprised when I pulled it out of the bag--it doesn’t look much like any other strain I’ve ever had. The greens are very light and have an almost yellow hue to them, the pistils are near yellow, the purples are muted, and it has a scraggly/not-scraggly sort of density that is just bizarre. The smell and taste of the PSC is much more appealing than the Blueberry Afghan--I didn’t get any of that gross artificiality. To the contrary, the PSC is rather appealing, it has a distinctly floral scent to it, that gets maybe a wee bit skunky when broken up. The vapour flavour is tantamount to the smell; floral and quite smooth at most temps. I loved the buzz that I got from this bud, it is a cross between Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies from my understanding, and in my opinion, you can’t get much better than that with a sativa. The euphoria was strong as hell, my head felt like a hot-air balloon running maximum furnace. I seriously could smoke this bud all day, everyday. That said, I do not think that WCC’s PSC is the most potent example to be had out there, but it is a quality AAA sativa at $150 an oz, and I’d happily fork over that cash for this bud.
My Rating: 4/5

Gorilla Glue #4: Hybrid
Having given WCC’s GG#4 a 3.5/5 rating in a previous review, I was curious to see how this batch would stack up. To begin with, this batch of the Glue has a very earthy aroma, and becomes exponentially gassy once broken up. The gassiness carries through in the vape flavour, and I found the vapour a little tickly on the throat, but I find that is common with all GG#4 (also cottonmouth!). The potency is definitely higher with this batch of GG#4, though I found less glue and more euphoria in terms of its effects. It certainly wasn’t the impossible bodylock of a high-order quad version of this strain (I’ve definitely had stronger, and been more paralyzed), but at $140oz (currently), this bud is an excellent value. WCC’s GG#4 is very fresh and tacky, and I don’t recommend wrecking your aunt Rhonda’s best scissors chopping it up for your blunts. I’d grade this bud AAA+; the effects are potent, long lasting, and it doesn’t take massive quantities to get a good heavy stone. I can’t comment on bag appeal with larger quantities, but the sample I had was excellently trimmed and attractive. There’s a good amount of bang for your buck with WCC’s GG#4, and it will be high on my order consideration list next time around.
My Rating: 3.8/5

Great White Shark: Indica Dominant-Hybrid?
GWS was another strain that I had previously ordered from WCC, and just happened to be my favourite of the four I had ordered, so I was happy to be able to do a comparison to the previous batch. This time around, the GWS was spring fresh and so sticky that I had to pry it off of the inside of the bag, which was a welcome experience over my last WCC order, that had become lost in an impossible shipping dimension for 10 days and dried right out during its travels. This GWS is highly gassy, both in nose and flavour, and comes fairly close to living up to its namesake, having a good amount of cloudy trichomes whiting out the leaves. The stone is fairly cerebral for an indica, which is probably why I like it, because you get a really nice hybridization of effects that lends itself well to leisurely activities. WCC prices their GWS at $150, and in this reviewer’s opinion, that’s a damn fine buy. The potency is high, not exceptional, it isn’t a quad and it isn’t priced like one, but for what it is, and for how it is priced, it’s a solid investment. The bud is dense but not stone, the cure and trim are excellent, and the magnitude of tackiness will be a high selling point to old school stoners. Overall, I’d say this batch of GWS was a bit higher in potency than the last batch I had, and the effects lasted notably longer.
My Rating: 4.2/5… definitely AAA+ (IMO--this is an opinion piece, afterall. No need to become visibly upset if you do not agree.)

O.G. Shark: Indica-Dominant Hybrid
O.G. Shark is a good deal more indica leaning than the other Shark swimming in this review, and it is decidedly more therapeutic in its effects--drowsiness/pain relief/etc. Case in point: I only got through the first sentence of this paragraph before passing out cold from a 0.2g bowl, and had to resume reviewing again some hours later. The O.G. Shark is probably the closest to a quad that I received from WCC this time around. It is caked in mature cloudy trichomes, the effects hit hard with just a couple of exhales and the sedation experienced therein is high-order. To my senses, the aroma and flavour of this bud are quite sweet and floral with just a hint of skunk. WCC’s O.G. Shark is a vape duration champion: one 0.2g bowl went over 10 minutes in the Solo II! While it may not be the most functional stone I have experienced, it was very therapeutic for sleeping and I wouldn’t even blink an eye buying more for that purpose. At $170oz, the O.G. Shark is one of the higher priced strains at WCC, but given the potency, fantastic trim and cure, and general attractiveness of the strain, I’d say that the extra $20-30/oz is well worth it.
My Rating: 4.6/5

Black Rose: Indica
Black Rose(s) is a strain I was familiar with prior to trying WCC’s sampling, so I had an idea of what to expect. WCC’s Black Rose has an initial floral scent, and once you bust it open, there’s a really interesting sour/peppery note that jumps out at you. I found this batch of BR creeped quite a bit more than the last one that I had, and it caught me off guard--I was halfway through loading up another bowl of it when the high from the first bowl hit, ZANG! It is not always the case with every strain, but with Black Rose, one can safely use its deep purple colouration as a signifier of it’s nighttime use potential. It is a fairly sedative indica, and I imagine is great for people who suffer insomnia. Black Rose isn’t as potent as the O.G. Shark, but it has a much more appealing vapour flavour, being sweet and floral without coming off as excessively artificial. The vapour of this BR is fairly smooth, and I experienced only a bit of barking at upper temps. WCC’s Black Rose isn’t the strongest example I’ve had, while it has nice indica effects, the high isn’t super powerful or long lasting, and I’d probably go somewhere around AAA- in assigning a letter grade. If I was going to go for sleepy indicas, I’d probably skip the BR, spend the extra $20 and get an ounce of O.G. Shark ($150 and $170 an ounce, respectively), as it is much more potent.
My Rating: 3.4/5

Black Diamond: Indica
WCC had their work cut for them with the Black Diamond, as I recently had a primo example of this strain from a competing MOM. Albeit a sample, the buds of WCC’s Black Diamond were very small, under popcorn size, though very dense. The aroma of this bud once broken up is staunchly gassy, and it’ll fill a room in no time. The vapour flavour follows suit with the aroma, and is about as gassy as licking a jerry-can nozzle. This batch of Black Diamond had the same tingly, all-over body stone that I had with my first experience, although somewhat less potent. I really enjoy the buzz of the BD, it has that great body stone without being couch-lockey, at least in my first couple of experiences. I found myself still functional having smoked this in the afternoon, and the stone has a pleasantly relaxing and mood uplifting quality to it. I find there is a wee bit of burnout with this one, though; it left me feeling a bit sluggish after the effects wore off, and for that reason I’d probably restrict its future use to nighttime. WCC’s Black Diamond isn’t a quad, but again, it is not priced like one. At $150 an ounce, there is definitely value to be had here. The potency is probably AAA at best, but for the price, it hits on many points of value.
My Rating: 3.3/5

Incentive for Customers:
First time orders over $80 receive 20% off cannabis, and 10% off edibles + 50 bonus points, free shipping over $150, and an affiliate points program.

Incentive for Review:
None. I was politely asked if I would review the package, there was no formal arrangement where and when to do so, and I expect nothing for it.

While WCC may not be the goto spot for cannabis connoisseurs, as their offering of high-end, high-potency cannabis seems somewhat limited, they are definitely a great spot for those on a budget to find great flowers at excellent prices. For an average of $140-$150/oz, WCC’s variety of budget options are vast, and each strain that I tried seems to be fairly priced in terms of its quality and potency.