ChronicKush - Agent Orange Review

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Required 2 pieces of government ID. Verification took less than 20 minutes by email.

Ordering & Pricing:
Agent Orange 1oz $82 x 2 (December 2018)

Paid using eTransfer. Requested delivery and paid additional $10 cash for travel.

Great! They'll call or text you to let you know when they are getting close to deliver. The delivery guy was cool and really friendly.

Vacuumed sealed and put inside a brown envelope.

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Agent Orange

This is great for budget bud. It has a nice body buzz that I really appreciate since I regularly wake up in the middle of the night. Ripping two bowls of it gets me back to sleep nicely so I find you don't have to over-indulge. The previous stuff that I picked up from a local delivery service from Weedmaps didn't quite help with that and it was a half oz that cost nearly half this order!

What was also really awesome and unexpected is the 2 Christmas Mint cookies, free sample of Orange Diesel and Christmas Card that I got with my order :)

Incentive for Customers:
They have a points system that you can use to add a discount on future orders. Also local delivery within and around the GTA.

Incentive for Review:
I got a business card with my order (several times with my orders actually :P ) offering me a discount on my next order if I review on any platform.


Really great customer service on two other accounts. First time was when my first order back in late Aug/Sept didn't show up. I asked them to issue a support ticket and it turned out CP didn't put the key to the lower compartment in my mail slot. Second time was when they accidently shipped me a 1/2 oz instead of a whole one and a few weeks later I got a 1/2oz of another strain delivered to my door for free.

I also appreciate them going out of their way to deliver to me last Friday. I had an Amazon package that sat in Missisaugua the entire week before so I didn't want to chance using CP or bother getting 'meh' weed from the other people. I highly recommend CK!