Re: Cannahealme. NOT!!!!!

bill1clinton wrote:
Fri Dec 21, 2018 1:46 am
@Keyll Can you give a some detail on what make these bad? Besides the dry part.
Sure. First, everything is small, flaky, and looks extremely dense. It's obviously very dry and crumbly, and it's described as having very little vapor. It would burn up very fast too, not making for a good smoke. It doesn't have very much smell either. The color is more uniform, browner, and there isn't any indication of dense crystals, orange hairs. The flowers are very leafy with many poorly trimmed spots, and not even to a good result. Almost none of the buds in those photos have a good presentation to them. The Death Star looks like it might be all right for a sample, then there's the one nice nug of the Zombie OG. At any rate, that's not AAAA weed, not even close. It was definitely misrepresented.

Re: Cannahealme. NOT!!!!!

Sorry this happened. For any new members who are reading please take this as a warning for ordering from unknown, untrusted MoMs.

This is especially true for "same day delivery" services that operate locally. The only thing stopping any MoM from sending garbage product or scamming people are communities like this one which act as a sort of safety blanket.

Sites that have no reputation or presence in our communities can scam without consequence. No one here would have bought from this place anyways so in reality this post will act more of an advertisement than a warning unfortunately.

Re: Update

Weezer wrote:
Fri Dec 21, 2018 7:25 am
The latest word from them is they don’t see a problem !!! I’ve sent them the pictures too. They won’t send me a care package or offer a refund all they offer is 25% off another order. Which I can’t afford , and wouldn’t do ever !!! Well isn’t that special I just received a bulk advertising email from cannahealme telling everyone there is a 25% off sale on. Wasn’t that nice of them to offer a special offer just for me!!! Go to their site and compair their fake pictures to what I actually received. You be the judge!!!
Yep, that would've probably been like, a $150 purchase at most, and for a legit MOM the customer service and resulting community conversation on how they chose to handle it would make that peanuts to compensate you properly. :(

I don't think this post will serve as an advertisement.