Chronic Kush - 1 Oz Super Blue Dream AA+

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Chronic Kush

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Sign Up:

Super easy, however if you order for the first time they require you to either send them a pic of your ID + a selfie with the ID OR 2 pieces of ID. This is a little more than what most MOMs request.

Ordering & Pricing:

Ordered an Oz of Super Blue Dream for $124, including a $15 shipping fee. I’m quite happy with their prices, and they have a decent selection for flower. The order process was extremely easy, like most MOMs, place order – send e transfer – get weed.


I had to contact them because I messed up my address after placing my order, they replied to me within a few hours and updated me once the issue was resolved. Very happy with their customer service, getting that extra email telling me that the address was updated was nice.


Package was discreet, in a plain white rectangular box, no way to guess what’s inside. Within the box, there was a sealed bubble wrap lined envelope which had a vacuum sealed bag around another bag that contained the Oz of Super Blue Dream. No scent was detected until I opened up the vacuum seal. Packaging was good.

Products / Photos:

As mentioned before, I purchased an Oz of Super Blue Dream AA+. Once again, I am very happy with what I got. For the price, I have no complaints. Nugs were frosty and dense. Below are some shots I took;

Incentive for Customers:

- Good budget ounces, good prices on their flower in general.

- Great customer service

- Reputable

- A good Ontario MOM

- Point system

Incentive for Review: They offer a $20 discount for posting a review.


Super Blue Dream has a light sweet citrus smell to it. I have yet to smoke it, but will update with results.