CannaWholesalers Dutch Hawaiian and Sherbert review

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Overall rating out of 10:
9/10 I really like CWS but their packaging could be better.

Sign Up:
Simple and straightforward signup process. Doesn't take many brain cells to figure it out.

Ordering & Pricing:
Very simple ordering process, with nice bulk pricing and the standard e-transfer payment process.

Communication with CWS is always great. Prompt friendly responses, and always willing to help.

I usually take pictures of packaging, but it's a standard box with a vaccuum sealed bag, and regular non-vac sealed ziplocs containing your product. Could be better with the bags containing the actual product being vac sealed, not a huge deal.

Products / Photos:
Dutch Hawaiian
I really like the Dutch Hawaiian from CWS. It has a nice musky smell/flavor with a great energetic sativa high. Was some of my favorite morning smoke while I had it.
The color on this strain is a beautiful bright green, with some darker tones.
The buds weren't trimmed as well as they probably could've been, but other than that bud structure was great. Nice tight nugs with some nice bag appeal.
I personally would rate it 7.5/10 (AAA) The strain was really nice, but it could've been trimmed better, and it was a little dryer than I'd like (Gotta get some more boveda packs)


I don't think the Sherbert was quite as good as the Dutch Hawaiian.
It has a nice smell, honestly hard to describe. kinda sweet but also a little tangy. It smelled good, but I would not choose this smell over many of the other odors weed may have.
The bud structure was great. Nice and tight, well trimmed and clean looking.
It has a pretty decent, focused high that doesn't make you too lazy, and doesn't really make you tired. It's a pretty good smoke, but it's not going to help you sleep if you're an experienced user. Might help you study for a test or something.
I'd rate this strain 7/10(AAA) It's a slight step down from the Dutch Hawaiian, very slight, but honestly if you're offering me these strains you might as well just give them to me at random. Wouldn't be able to choose.
Sorry about the poor quality of the first image, by the time I realized how bad it looked, I was already in the middle of writing this review.


Incentive for Customers:
Nice bulk pricing, probably some discount codes you can find if you look around, or directly ask for them.

Incentive for Review:

All around CannaWholesalers is a great bulk dispensary. It easily competes with the more well known sites, even though they themselves are pretty well known.
I'll most likely keep using the same 4 dispensaries for future bulk orders, and CWS is one of them.