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This hybrid indica is rated AAA on their site and I think it's about accurate. For something to be AAAA it has to be good tasting, smooth, etc etc. So this bud was just like the other fruity ones I liked; very sweet smelling with a hint of what I believe to be cantaloupe / melon. Also not at all cracky and crispy when breaking it open and the stem was still a tad bit green ... considering it was sitting in an air tight jar here for weeks is impressive. When you crack it open its interesting to see you get 2 buds half down the middle is all red hairs and the other half crusted light buds. The smell tho is crazy once ground up, you dont even need to bring it to your nose. Really sweet, a bit piny, and a bit woody. Its similar to the pineapple express sweetness we saw before .. tropical etc ... but just that pine woody smell makes a difference. Vaping maintains what you smelt to when you heat it up. It's almost impossible to not want to ONLY vape it's so great tasting. At one point I swear I could taste baked goods ... so the name lives up to it. So the only reason I WOULDNT give it AAAA rating (as the site didnt either) is it was a tad bit scratchy on the throat, and I was close to coughing smoking from a tiny pipe. It wasn't horrible or anything just not perfect. I would recommend grabbing maaaaybe a hq or so of it just to see the taste becuase if you're a big vaper this is a real treat. Lastly the great thing is the effects kick in near instantly and continue to rise. You are still creative, energetic on a chair, happy, creative, etc, just not willing to walk away. A nice head buzz, body buzz, not overpowering. Do get pasties a bit at the end but whatever. I do agree the THC must be 15%+ just based off what OCS standards are.