[BHOthority] Where's My Bike vs OCS Review

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[BHOthority] Where's My Bike vs OCS Review - Original Review
I was particularly looking for the highest price / boutique stuff I could find and was directed toward these guys. Apparently they've been around since the early 90s and have a good reputation. They also only ship items in jars / containers (at least flowers) which kinda shows how boutique they are ... they want to main the state of the flower as it was first sealed. The package came out to about 140$ or so (+ shipping) so it def wasnt cheap, but it wasnt top-tier OCS stuff as we reviewed before (17.5$ a gram). When opening the jar the smell hit you hard, a lot of different flavors at once: tropic, perfumy, flowery, citrust, light, fresh and a bit sweet. Had quite a bit of moisture so when squeezing it had lot of give-way and didnt break apart when crackin in half. The whole 14g was only about 4-5 buds so they were really big nugs .. one almost 6 grams. When grinding the smell was still there, but not AS strong, yet the bud was super sticky. Smoking it in the vape wasnt SUPER flavorful, but was smooth, very light flower and overall tropical flavors. Light, happy, that kind of thing. Smoking in the pipe was superrrrr smooth probably because these guys kept it in the jar to keep smooth. That is probably why this thing is so expensive. In fact I did a direct comparison with the top 6 most expensive OCS stuff and all of theirs was tiny nugs, very dry, and I think half of them I didn't recommend from previous videos. The effect kicked in almost immediately after the first toke .. a very awake-sativa, head buzz kind of thing. Def leaning sativa but not to the point of causing paranoia / sketchiness so I imagine this strain is more geared toward smell/taste/look than the crazy 25% THC ones we've seen before. This one tho somehow ends up cheaper (compare to 17$ * 14g) and I would by far buy THIS over THAT. This is not something I would smoke every day but instead let it sit in that jar, curing, and whip it out when I have guests who want to see what some attention and care can get you. I probably wouldn't order this again as the 14g will last me a long time but I would direct users to check out this strain if they have the cash