Re: green society - buyer beware!

Edited your phone number out of the message :)

I think everyone would agree that shorting a client 7g and giving them the run around like that is a very stupid business move, most MOMs would instantly replace it without hesitation and even give more back to make sure the client is happy. Don't let them fuck you around. If they don't get it right, let us know.

Re: green society - buyer beware!

thinkbach wrote:
Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:02 pm
thank you! i appreciate the support.

at this point, i don't care what happens.
the discount was good, so being shorted is simply like not getting a discount.

it's also lame to be disbelieved, but whatever.

at least buyers from green society can be aware to double-check their bags before opening!

they even have a page warning buyers to do this, as she recently replied with a link.
it is their 'incorrect order' page, which i did not read when buying etc.

here is here recent email and my reply, and hopefully it's the end of it; i just won't buy there again:

here is her email:

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From: Jenny (Support)
Date: January 2, 2019 at 5:21 PM

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Jenny, Jan 2, 2:21 PM PST

Hi Tim,

You can view our website page about incorrect orders here: ... rect-order


- The order number
- Details outlining the incorrect order
- ***Please ensure to include photos or a video of the incorrect order***



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and my reply; a wee bit testy i am getting!

first of all, my name is TOM, thank you, not Tim.

paying a little closer attention to who you are communicating with would be
appreciated and would demonstrate respect, thank you.

as i mentioned, i did not know about this or any notion that i should be
checking bags before opening etc.

reading your page about an incorrect order would have been helpful, but it is
after the fact.

i certainly did not read it beforehand, but i usually don't have the foresight
to imagine any order would be incorrect, and this was only my third order of
weed by mail.

now i know.

however, you are spot on about one thing: it was an incorrect order! you shorted
me a 7g bag of blue dream!

as i said, i consider somewhat insulting to be disbelieved this way, and i won't
be shopping here again.

it is also somewhat yucky on your end to take 2+ weeks to reply, and then handle
me in this manner.

happy holidays to you too!


Wow this is so ridiculous!!! Really don't care if they got some good quality stuff but this type of customer is pretty LAME. Feel bad for ya. 7g ain't nothing for a MOM and if they can't honour their mistake don't need to go back.

Re: green society - buyer beware!

It seems like a case of them not noticing the "2" while packing.

Quickly reading through your order, it would be pretty easy to just assume it's one 7g of Blue Dream, when in reality you ordered two.

Sucks that they wouldn't refund something that so obviously seems like human error. Especially since it seems like you paid $10 for "Shipping Insurance"

Re: green society - buyer beware!

Dude you paid $140 for 14g of their blue dream.. ouch I feel sorry for you man. If you’re gonna pay that money, go to

I tried their blue dream (aaaa) back in September and it was AA-AAA at best. MUCH, MUCH better options for that price. I still have greensocietys shitty weed in my stash... no body wants it. I ordered all their “quads” as well.